World of Jazz 565

On this show music from Bonzo Squad, Mette Rasmussen Paul Flaherty Zach Rowden & Chris Corsano, Matana Roberts, Mary Halvorson, The New Jazz Orchestra, Eric Goletz, Chicago London Underground, Evan Parker & Agustí Fernández, El devenir del Río, and World Saxophone Quartet.

Bonzo Squad – Nobleland – Pachyderm (Bonzo Sounds)

Chicago based instrumental ensemble with a focus on creating music that sets the bar higher in terms of eclecticism and musicianship. The group consists of Bonzo himself, born Corbin Andrick, who plays the flute and the saxophones. Completing the line up are Andrew Lawrence (keys and synths), Andrew Vogt bass, as well as Zack Marks sitting behind the drum kit. The band released their very first, self-titled album back in 2017. This release was received really well from the get-go, earning a coveted 4-star rating from Downbeat Magazine, as well as appearing on Spotify’s popular “The State of Jazz” playlist. The band’s debut was later topped with a second release in 2019, “There’s Always Tomorrow.” After that, the band released their first live album, “Live at aliveOne,” which features a taste of the band’s exciting live performances. This latest album is packed with great playing and writing

Mette Rasmussen, Paul Flaherty, Zach Rowden, Chris Corsano – What To Expect When Faking Your Own Death – Crying In Space (Relative Pitch Records)

Released January 27, 2023
Recorded Live June 23, 2019, Firehouse 12, New Haven, Connecticut

Matana Roberts – Glass – Live In London (Central Control International)

This live performance, recorded at The Vortex in London in 2009, is among her best. For the occasion, she teams up with three British musicians : Robert Mitchell on piano, Tom Mason on bass and Chris Vatalaro on drums. The band did not get much time to rehearse, and not relying on compositions proved to be an excellent basis for further improvisation. And even if Roberts has the main voice on the album, the band does a great job in supporting her warm and energetic playing.

Mary Halvorson – The 5 – Calling All Portraits (Skycap)


Recorded Summer of 2007

Neil Ardley & The New Jazz Orchestra – Saturday’s Child – Jazz Calendar: Olympic Studios ’66

‘In September 1966, a kind of mini-NJO turned up at Olympic Studios in Barnes. The twelve musicians , with Neil conducting, were there to record three pieces from the music of a ballet, so that the composer, Richard Rodney Bennett, had something for Frederic Ashton, the choreographer, Derek Jarman, the director, and various Royal Ballet bigwigs to listen to. They must have approved of what they heard, because the ballet, A Jazz Calendar, went into the repertoire in 1968 and remained there for the best part of ten years’.

Eric Goletz – Caravan – Standard-ized! (Consolidated Artists Publications)

On this the newest project by Goletz, the trombonist re-imagines modern jazz standards with hip arrangements that fuse his contemporary jazz sound with swing, Latin, and funk. Goletz is not only a virtuoso trombonist, he is also a first-rate arranger and composer.

Chicago London Underground – Something Must Happen – A Night Walking Through Mirrors

Cornetist Rob Mazurek and drummer Chad Taylor have been the sole constants in the revolving constellation of groups that have borne the name Chicago Underground going back nearly two decade. In April of 2016, the Duo was performing at Café Oto in London—its first visit to the city in a decade—and for part of the stint the pair invited two powerful locals to join them. Bassist John Edwards and pianist Alexander Hawkins.

Matana Roberts, Sam Shalabi, Nicolas Caloia – Galena – Feldspar (Tour De Bras)

For this album Roberts formed a new trio with Canadian musicians Sam Shalabi (g) and Nicolas Caloia (b), both active members of Montreal’s prospering scene. Their “Feldspar” album is named after a group of minerals, the name feldspar derives from the German words Feld (field) and Spath (a rock that does not contain any ore) – like this formation does not have any drums.

Evan Parker, Agustí Fernández – Part I [Mercerioso] – Tempranillo (Edicions Nova Era – New Contemporary Music)

Recorded November 24, 1995, Estudi 84, Barcelona, Spain – released 1996

El devenir del Río – La Emancipación de una Rosa (Bandcamp)

Argentine-based jazz/ creative music quintet. A group of improvisers, composers, and artist friends, El Devenir del Río explores new compositions, the use of extended techniques, free improvisation and guided aural movement

World Saxophone Quartet – Take The “A” Train/Lush Life/Sophisticated Lady – Plays Duke Ellington (Nonesuch)

On their first six recordings, the World Saxophone Quartet – altoists Oliver Lake and Julius Hemphill, tenor saxophonist David Murray, and baritonist Hamiet Bluiett stuck exclusively to group originals. This 1986 release was a major departure, for the innovative group performed fresh and generally unpredictable versions of five songs by Duke Ellington and two (including two renditions of “Take the ‘A’ Train”) by Billy Strayhorn. Although the tunes (which include “Lush Life,” “Sophisticated Lady,” and “In a Sentimental Mood”) are familiar, the interpretations are certainly unusual, showing respect for the original melodies and then coming up with new directions.

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