World of Jazz 508

An international mix with a newly discovered live recording of Tim Berne's Decay group, a trio of releases from the Circum-Disc label, two new albums the ears&eyes label and a fascinating blend of American jazz and Eastern India's ragas from Charu Suri. Show Intro 00:00Ryan Ferreira, Michael Formanek, Ches Smith, Tim Berne "The Fantastic … Continue reading World of Jazz 508

Aural Delights on the Overflow 129

On this show excellent new releases from 2 Lost Souls, Staggs, Salem Trials, Ordrej Zajac, Grace Solero, Lucy and the The Drill Holes, The Parasite and White Hills. Also I have a couple of tracks marking the passing of Mark Wilkins of The Astronauts and a live track from Dave Graney 2 Lost Souls … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 129

World of Jazz 505

On this show a focus on the work of both Ben Allison and Peter Br√∂tzmann. I have new albums from Adam Nolan and Ondrej Zajac and a classic track from George Russell. Show Intro 00:00Ben Allison "Enter The Dragon" from Layers of the City (Sonic Camera Records) 00:38Peter Br√∂tzmann, Fred van Hove, Han Bennink … Continue reading World of Jazz 505

World of Jazz 503

On this show a focus on the music of Oregon and the bands individual members - Ralph Towner, Colin Walllcott, Paul McCandless and Glenn Moore. Show Intro 00:00Oregon "Hop To It" from In Stride (C.A.M. Jazz) 00:39Ralph Towner "Oceanus" from Solstice (ECM) 06:58Colin Wallcott "Mageuritte" from Cloud Dance (ECM) 18:16Paul McCandless "Sojourner" from Hearsay … Continue reading World of Jazz 503

World of Jazz 502

This week a mix of brand new releases and classic recordings. There are fascinating new albums from Gard Nilssen, Steve Tibbetts, Daniel Carter with Evan Strauss, 5-Track, and Sheridan Riley, Alex Fournier, Trevor Watts & Liam Genocky and Brian Eaton. I also have some older releases from Elvin Jones, Pharoah Sanders, Clifford Jordan, Maria Schneider … Continue reading World of Jazz 502

Aural Delights on the Overflow 127

This week a selection brand new releases and a couple of classic recordings. There is new music from 2 Lost Souls, San Pedro Collective, Legless Trials, Es, The Parasite, Salem Trials, and The Ember Glows. There is a new collaboration with jazz maestro Daniel Carter and an alt-rock trio and previously unheard older recordings from … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 127

World of Jazz 501

Focusing on three outstanding female jazz leaders - Satoko Fujii, Maria Schneider and Carla Bley with a selection of music from across their respective careers Show Into 00:00Satoko Fujii Orchestra "Jo" from Jo (Buzz Records) 00:53Maria Schneider Orchestra "The 'Pretty' Road" from Sky Blue (ArtistShare) 11:42The Big Carla Bley Band "The Girl Who Cried … Continue reading World of Jazz 501

Aural Delights on the Overflow 126

On this show new music from 2 Lost Souls, Acid Rooster, :nepaal, Menk, Inferior Complex & Dominic Carlton Jones remixed, and Legless Trials. There's a look at Greg Anderson's new project The Lord, and some Sonic Youth and Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist. 2 Lost Souls - The Village - 0:00Acid Rooster … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 126

World of Jazz 500

For the 500th show I have a focus on Sam Rivers, a new album from Nate Wooley, a huge chunk of music from Miles and Trane and to kick off jazz meets afrobeat in 1972 with Hugh Masakela. Show Intro 00:00Hugh Masakela "Part Of The Whole" from Home Is Where the Music Is (Chisa/Blue … Continue reading World of Jazz 500