World of Jazz 495

On this weeks show two massive new releases from Wadada Leo Smith, a seven CD box set of String Quartets, and a five CD box set of duets with drummers. In addition a variety of new releases and dip into the archive for some early music from William Parker.

  • Show Intro 00:00
  • Juanma Trujillo “Araya” from Collage (ears&eyes) 00:50
  • Peter Kogan “Pow, Pow, Pow – Yeah!” from Just Before Midnight (Koganote) 05:45
  • Todd Herbert “This Ones For Albert” from May Waltz (TH Productions) 12:02
  • Jacob Chung “Triage” from Epistle (Three Pines Records) 17:54
  • Martín Proscia & Federico Solomiewicz “Doppel ” from Rizoma (Numeral) 25:00
  • Sture Ericson, Pat Thomas, Raymond Strid “Bagcut” from Bagman Live at Cafe Oto (577 Records) 29:48
  • Subconscious Trio “Two Beggars” from Water Shapes (DaVinci Records) 42:19
  • Ghost Horse “Fulfillment Centre” from Il Bene Commune (Hora Records) 48:06
  • Wadada Leo Smith “Rumis Masnavi A Sonic Expression, Part 3 (with Pheeroan akLaff)” from The Emerald Duets (TUM Records) 53:24
  • Wadada Leo Smith “Taif : Prayer In The Garden of the Hijaz” from String Quartets Nos. 1-12 (TUM Records) 1:00:41
  • Sun of Goldfinger”Sun of OZMIR (radio edit)” from OZMIR (Screwgun) 1:23:58
  • William Parker “Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace” from Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace” (Eremite) 1:44:32
  • Juanma Trujillo “El Sanato” from Collage (ears&eyes) 1:54:41

Juanma Trujillo

● Juanma Trujillo: Guitar/Compositions
● Sean Conly: Upright Bass
● Francisco Mela: Drums

CD/Digital Release date: July 15th 2022

“Araya,” inspired by a Venezuelan film of the 50s by Margot Benacerraf, is an exploratory,
spacious piece balanced out by the density of the shifting harmonies over various pedal points.

Peter Kogan

With Just Before Midnight, his fourth album since 2013, the constantly evolving and very productive drummer-composer Peter Kogan delivers another far- ranging feast of originals (and an arrangement of Cedar Walton’s classic Hindsight). All the qualities that made Kogan’s previous albums attractive — sophisticated-yet-accessible compositions, great players and soloists, and just enough quirkiness to make it interesting and fun — are here again, in abundance. With a variety of band line-ups on the album – quartet, quintet, septet and a closing solo piano piece there is certainly plenty of variety.

On the featured track the quintet is in play – Jake Baldwin, trumpet; Pete Whitman, tenor; Abebi Stafford, piano; Charlie Lincoln, bass; and Peter Kogan, drums.

Todd Herbert

Todd Herbert is a tenor saxophonist currently residing in New York City. Originally from Evanston, Illinois, Todd began playing the saxophone at age ten. He studied privately and performed in his middle school and high school concert and jazz bands before receiving a bachelor’s degree in jazz studies from the University of Miami. Todd then moved to Chicago where he played professionally as a side man with various groups as well as leading his own. He became a member of Charles Earland’s band and after an extended stay he joined Freddie Hubbard’s band, with whom he performed for several years. In 1997 Todd moved to NYC where he has been performing as a side man and a leader ever since.

Todd Herbert, saxophone
David Hazeltine, piano
John Webber, bass
Jason Brown, drums

Jacob Chung

Toronto saxophonist/composer Jacob Chung’s debut release Epistle is a swingin’ 45-min album of original music written for quintet. The musicians on this record are a handful of the most exciting young Canadian talent. Pianist Felix Fox-Pappas, drummer Petros Anagnostakos, and bassist Thomas Hainbuch, who at 24 years of age is the band’s eldest member, comprise the rhythm section while trumpet player Christian Antonacci joins Chung on the frontline. The 6 track album features Chung’s Epistle Suite, which reflects the joy of the gospel message through a commitment to the spirit of swing. Rounding out the album are 3 hard-driving bop tunes, each a contrafact on a familiar form.

Martín Proscia & Federico Solomiewicz

Rizoma is an album that explores the sonority of the double bass and saxophone duo from the confluence of different languages and sonorities that range from chamber music to noise. With the exception of “E pur si muove” (track 6, the only spontaneous improvisation on the album), all the songs emerged entirely during the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each one of them comes from a materiality found from free improvisation and then worked collectively from the dynamics of the duo. Without aesthetic or idiomatic restrictions, each of the tracks deals with its own language and its own language, as a rhizomatic structure that, although it has independence in its individual growth, comes from a single genetic identity.

Sture Ericson, Pat Thomas, Raymond Strid

Bagman, an imaginary character dreamt up by this experimental jazz trio, roams around in the figurative soundscape, collecting sonic debris. A piano played on the inside and outside, electronics, saxophones, drums, and junk objects shape a frenetic musical environment. Captured live at Cafe Oto in London, Pat Thomas (Piano, Electronics), Raymond Strid (Drums) and Sture Ericson (Tenor, Soprano Saxophones) assemble fragmented sounds in haphazard, creative, and thrilling directions. After years of playing together, the three musicians formed the trio Bagman in 2018, capturing a huge spectrum of dynamic, disruptive music in their improvisational sessions. Bordering on noise music, the trio always returns to wandering melodies and their endlessly experimental, spontaneous roots. Pat Thomas, a mainstay on 577 Records’ extensive catalog, having previously released Shifa Live at Cafe Oto (2019), Shifa Live in Oslo (2020), Bleyschool (2019), Educated Guess, Vol. 1-2 (2021-2022), Dikeman/Thomas/Edwards/Noble Vol. 1 (2022)—will be releasing his first collaboration with Swedish musicians Raymond Strid and Sture Ericson on the label. The 4-track album will be available digitally and in CD issue in July 2022.

Subconcious Trio

Debut album

Subconscious Trio was formed in Milan im 2015. The members of the trio are Monique Chao (pianist, vocalist); Victoria Kirilova (upright bassist) and Francesca Remigi (drummer). Their repertoire includes original compositions written and arranged by three musicians. Their music is a unique mixture of a wide variety of musical influences stemming from the different cultural heritages – Taiwan, Bulgaria and Italy.
Bulgarian and Taiwanese traditional music, Indian music, pop and funk , and Jazz are all part of the mix.

Ghost Horse

Italian/American avant-jazz collective

  • DAN KINZELMAN – Saxophones, Bass Clarinet
  • FILIPPO VIGNATO – Trombone
  • GLAUCO BENEDETTI – Tuba, Euphonium, Pocket Trumpet, Flugelhorn
  • GABRIO BALDACCI – Baritone guitar
  • JOE REHMER – Bass

Composed during Italy’s second Covid lockdown in the winter of 2020-21 through digital correspondence and face-to-face meetings, the underlying structure of this music hinges on shared familiarity with the basic modules, predominantly simple, repeating motifs. This simplicity allows for significant individual freedom for each member of the sextet, however this freedom must be exercised responsibly in order to maintain balance within the greater structure and avoid total collapse or loss of the central message. Individual actions undertaken without due attention and consideration for the common good will cause unforeseen consequences, difficult to predict and manage.

Wadada Leo Smith

A 5-disc box set of trumpet and drum duets, one each with Wadada joined by Pheeroan akLaff, Han Bennink, Andrew Cyrille and two with Jack DeJohnette. And on Tuesday, June 21, Smith received the VISION Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award in a celebratory and expansive concert at Roulette in Brooklyn.

Also the first-ever recording of his String Quartets Nos. 1-12. A pinnacle in a career that’s been building to this moment is the release of a 7CD box set of twelve string quartets, which were written beginning in 1965, and showcase Smith’s powerful and distinctive musical voice. They are performed by RedKoral Quartet (Shalini Vijayan, Mona Tian, Andrew McIntosh and Ashley Walters) as well as featured soloists including Smith, pianist Anthony Davis, harpist Alison Bjorkedal and vocalist Thomas Buckner, among others. On String Quartet 6 the Quartet is supplemented by Wadada, Anthony Davis, and Lynn Vartan (Percussion).

Sun of Goldfinger

Ches Smith: percussion, electronics
David Torn: guitar, loops
Tim Berne: alto saxophone
released June 7, 2022

Recorded at Drom by Joe Branciforte April 2022
Mixed and mastered by David Torn

A trinary star; 3 objects orbiting so closely that can actually acquire material from one another. David Torn takes it to where other guitar players fear to tread. Tim Berne acts as the flight tracker pulling the band in closely before exploding outwards again. Ches Smith proves he is the drummer for these times and just kills it on Sun of Ozmir.

William Parker

Originally released in 1981 on Centering. This set of recordings is an important part of bassist William Parker’s early discography and comprises five ensemble pieces. Each of the four original tracks features different groups, with Parker composing all the pieces and appearing on all four. This previously unissued track features which appears on the 1998 Eremite reissues does not feature Parker.

  • Polly Bradfield – Violin
  • Jason Kao Hwang – Violin
  • Tristan Honsinger – Cello
  • William Connell Jr. – Flute

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