Aural Delights On The Overflow 124

Brand new music from 2 Lost Souls, Agent Starling, Aliens, Rob Snarski & His So Called Friends, Legless Crabs and Weimar. Classic tracks from Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist, The Fall, Chad’s Tree, Jackson Cade, Loudhailer Electric Company, Thin White Rope, Tom Waits and Malcolm Ross.

  1. 2 Lost Souls – The Bluffer
  2. Agent Starling – Midsommer
  3. Aliens – Nothing
  4. Rob Snarski & His So Called Friends – The Last Man On Earth
  5. Legless Crabs – Life In A Police State
  6. Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist – While You Dream, I Live
  7. The Fall – Just Step Sideways
  8. Chad’s Tree – Stroller In The Attic
  9. Rob Snarski & His So Called Friends – Feeling Kind Of Blue
  10. Jackson Code – Strange Lullaby
  11. Loudhailer Electric Company – Morpheus
  12. Thin White Rope – Down In The Desert
  13. Tom Waits – Burma Shave
  14. Malcolm Ross- My Avenger
  15. Weimar – The Tatterdemalions


  • 2 Lost Souls – The Bluffer – the second in the huge 52 week singles project
  • Agent Starling – Midsommer – Agent Starling released their summer single ‘Midsommer’ on Friday 17th June 2022. Taken from second album, ‘Constellation of Birds’, Midsommer features the band’s trademark hurdy-gurdy by Quentin Budworth, other instruments and vocals  by Lou Duffy-Howard, and guest violinist Dexter Duffy-Howard.
  • Aliens – Nothing – another gift from the lovely people at Metal Postcard Records with no info attached!
  • Rob Snarski & His So Called Friends – The Last Man On Earth – from the new album “Searching For The Heart Of It All” – Rob wanted this album to be more like a playlist, a compilation … like one of those early Tarantino soundtracks where each song is a sonic surprise. To achieve the variety, he had to cast the net far and wide, asking his musician friends and colleagues to contribute not only instrumentally but vocally, hence the extended list of guest singers – Romy Vager (RVG), Gareth Liddiard (TFS), Peter Milton Walsh (The Apartments), Rebecca Barnard (Rebecca’s Empire) and Kelly Day (The Broads). The musicians – the So-Called Friends, include ‘Evil’ Graham Lee [The Triffids], Jack Howard [Hunters and Collectors], Shane Reilly [Lost Ragas], Kiernan Box [Augie March], Shane O’Mara [guitar maestro to many] and rhythm section Ben Wiesner and Rosie Westbrook. Two tracks featured – an almost instrumental and a song with guest vocals from Rebecca Barnard.
  • Legless Crabs – Life In A Police State – yet another free download from Metal Postcard – not much detail given – apparently from 2000 if the metadata is to be believed. If Mr Goz is listening perhaps he can advise 0
  • Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist – While You Dream, I Live – your new weekly dose of Graney and Moore is from the 2010 album Supermodified – a collection of re-arranged newly performed versions of tunes from earlier collections
  • The Fall – Just Step Sideways – from the Hip Priests and Kamerads collection from 1985. A live recordings of the Hex Enduction Hour track recorded live Jenkinson’s, Brighton 2 May 1982 – three days before I saw them do the exact same song as an encore at the Band on the Wall, Manchester 
  • Chad’s Tree – Stroller In The Attic – From the Crossing Off The Miles compilation . The band that introduced the singer-songwriting brothers, Mark and Rob Snarski to the Australian public. Emerging from Perth in the early 1980s and relocating to Sydney mid-decade, Chad’s Tree were championed by fellow West Australians, The Triffids – with whom they shared stylistic and thematic similarities. ‘Crossing Off The Miles’ features both the ‘Buckle In The Rail’ (1988) and ‘Kerosene’ (1989) albums, every single and B-side and 11 unheard early demos and live recordings. All audio has been remastered from the original master tapes.
  • Rob Snarski & His So Called Friends – Feeling Kind Of Blue – another track from the new album.
  • Jackson Code – Strange Lullaby – Del Musical Del Mismo Nombre – For the band’s debut album, Mark Snarski utilised the services of Amanda Pearson (vocals, percussion), Barry Turnbull (bass) and Mark Dawson (drums). The album, Del Musical Del Mismo Nombre was released in August 1989 on the Waterfront label (available only on vinyl) to critical acclaim, it was re-released on CD in 1993. The main influence on the album was songwriter Snarski’s trip to Spain, thus the title which when translated means “From the Musical of the Same Name”. The band recorded the album in four days on a budget of $1000. The lush romanticism of the songs had critics searching for superlatives!
  • Loudhailer Electric Company – Morpheus – 2019 Loudhailer Electric Company’s second studio release Morpheus is dripping with guitar laden original psychedelic sounds and songs telling stories of road trips, myths & legends and sci fi.
  • Thin White Rope – Down In The Desert – Exploring The Axis : Californian desert rock – the debut album from 1985
  • Tom Waits – Burma Shave -from the Asylum Years compilation released in 1977 – originally on the Foreign Affairs album which was released in the same year. His fifth album. The legendary jazz drummer Shelly Manne appears.
  • Malcolm Ross- My Avenger – from Malcolm’s Low Shot album on Marina Records from 1995 – half of the album including this track was produced and recorded by Edwyn Collins at his studio.
  • Weimar – The Tatterdemalions – from the new album Dancing On A Volcano

One thought on “Aural Delights On The Overflow 124

  1. El Borko did ‘Life in a Police State’, April this year, I believe. In between working on some new songs for the 4th Legless Trials album (which are sounding really good, if I say so myself!)


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