Aural Delights on the Overflow 167

On this show music from Spotlights, fibril, Old Dirty Buzzard, Blokeacola, 2 Lost Souls, The Dave Graney Show, Pere Ubu, Salem Trials, hedfog, and, Kadonnut Manner.

Spotlights – Sunset Burial – Alchemy For The Dead

Spotlights occupy the space between a push-and-pull of jarring metallic catharsis and sweeping distortion. Even as either side vies for supremacy, neither extreme ever completely tightens its grip, allowing waves of melodic vocals and expressive sonic sorcery to breathe in the middle. This deft balancing act has enabled the trio—husband-and-wife Mario Quintero [guitar, vocals, keys] and Sarah Quintero [bass, vocals] joined by Chris Enriquez [drums]—to carve a singular lane. Armed with an uncanny ability to wield darkness or light, the trio’s fourth full-length offering, Alchemy for the Dead [Ipecac Recordings], finds them exploring some fairly unique topics.

fibril – Declined – fibril

Originally recorded during a period of deep depression in 2018-2019, when Mari Maurice was feeling burnt out on her life and work. Seeking solace in loud heavy guitar music, Mari found this influence spilling into her writing, she knew it was intrinsically different from her other work and required its own designated name and outlet. fibril’s self-titled debut was released by Already Dead on cassette in August of 2019 and is presented remastered with new art on heavyweight vinyl and digital by Debacle Records.

Shortly after recording fibril began playing shows in 2019, and quickly developed into a duo collaboration between Mari and Matthew K. Seidel. Eventually, the project grew into a full band lineup that began gaining traction right before everything shut down in 2020. Despite these setbacks, the project has come back to life with this reissue and a follow-up with an expanded line-up on Debacle out in June.

The music embraces a love for things like Deftones, Hum, and Jesus & Mary Chain, but also bedroom 90’s psych-pop, blackened metal, and the telltale Mari Maurice emotional layering that always accompanies her work. It is neither a straight-faced reconstruction of those alt-rock sounds nor a smarmy takedown held at arm’s length. Instead, an inspired new sound that takes from those influences and makes something deeply moving and heavy.

Old Dirty Buzzard – Long Haired Country Boy – What A Weird Hill To Die On

They are a classic power trio; the roots run deep with ex-members of Holy Terror, Zeke, Agent Steel, Mind Shaker and The Kings of Cavalier. ODB is Kurt Kilfelt on bass, guitar and vocals, Ben Axeman on guitar, and Ben Still on the drums. The band will be on the road in 2023, blowing the windows out of a venue near you. The release of the much anticipated first record, What a Weird Hill To Die On,  released on Rotten Records April 28th and will be available world wide as an LP, CD or digital download. Like a slightly heavier version of Killdozer.

Blokeacola – Bespoke Potato – Jupiter Eats Planets

2 Lost Souls – Goodbye Wonderful World – 52 Singles

The Dave Graney Show – Drugs Are Wasted on the Young – Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2015 Expanded Edition)

Pere Ubu – Love Is Like Gravity – Trouble On Big Beat Street

Pere Ubu unveil their new album, ‘Trouble On Big Beat Street’, nearly four years after their previous record for Cherry Red, ‘The Long Goodbye’.

‘The Modern Dance’ (1978) marked the end of Rock ‘n’ Roll. ‘Trouble On Big Beat Street’ marks the end of The Song. Pere Ubu ended with ‘The Long Goodbye’ (their last album, also on Cherry Red, from 2019). Pere Ubu begins again with ‘Trouble On Big Beat Street’. If you missed the last 48 years then imagine a bad-attitude. Imagine Electric Light Orchestra – the version with Roy Wood – then add Muddy Waters playing guitar and Nina Simone singing.

‘Trouble On Big Beat Street’, the 19th Pere Ubu studio album. David Thomas produced, mixed, and engineered it. The vinyl release is ten tracks. The cd release includes all 17 tracks recorded during the sessions. Those extra seven tracks were too good to lose but took up too much time to fit on a vinyl release.

Pere Ubu is David Thomas, Keith Moliné, Gagarin, Alex Ward, Andy Diagram, Michele Temple and Jack Jones. Keith Moliné and Andy Diagram are the two pale boys. They have played with David more than 28 years. Electronica artist Gagarin was soundman for the two pale boys. Michele Temple has been in Pere Ubu 30 years. Improviser and life-long fan Alex Ward submitted a cover version of a David Thomas song to the band’s live-streaming show. David invited him to join the band. David met Jack Jones in the pub.

Salem Trials – Urban Whitefish – Scream not Working Because Space Make Deaf

Salem Trials return with a new collection of moody and edgy songs with an album title taken from a Hong Kong bootleg DVD translation of “In space no one can hear you scream,” from Alien (1979). 

hedfog – Low Lands – Shoulder Tap

New release from Peter

Kadonnut Manner – Nestor Mahnon haamu, osa 3 – Finnish Primitive Guitar Vol 4

Ramble is thrilled to be releasing Finnish Primitive Guitar Vol 4 by Northern Finland finger-picker Kadonnut Manner. 

Drawing on Mississippi John Hurt’s country blues, John Fahey’s school of American Primitive Guitar and Finnish folk music, Finnish Primitive Guitar Vol 4 should be a welcome addition to your avant-folk/finger-style collection. Out on limited release vinyl, CD and digital DL.

Spotlights – Algorithmic –  Alchemy For The Dead

Blokeacola – Become the Rings of Saturn – Jupiter Eats Planets

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