Aural Delights on the Overflow 137

A selection of new releases from Jason Blake, The Speed Of Sound, David McClymont, Dave Graney and Clare Moore, 2 Lost Souls, Weimar, Moff Skellington, Moongoose and Gematria.

Jason Blake “Deforming Reality” from The Compromise Rationale 00:00
The Speed of Sound “Charlotte ” from Virtual Reality 123 / Charlotte 12″ Version 07:19
David McClymont “Shadow Man” from Human Like Me 14:10
Dave Graney and Clare Moore “Tang” from In A MISTLY 17:38
2 Lost Souls “Bend In The Wind” from 52 Singles Project 22:12
Weimar “Heaven On High Street East” from Dance On A Volcano 26:00
Moff Skellington “Sound Advice” from Dogfletter 32:36
David McClymont “Concrete Jungle” from Rhythm, Repetition and the Melodic in Nature 35:16
The Speed of Sound “Virtual Reality 123 ” from Virtual Reality 123 / Charlotte 12″ Version 38:51
Dave Graney “Rackin’ up Some Zeds” from Point Blank 45:19
Moff Skellington “Wolf Got A Smile” from Publantic 50:12
Moongoose “Waltzers” from Waltzers (Single Version) 53:08
Gematria “Unconquered Sun” from Gematria II: The Spindle Of Necessity 57:16


Jason Blake – Chicago based progressive Warr guitarist Jason Blake with his new album The Compromise Rationale , the middle release in the Ternary Instinct themed trilogy of albums. The Warr Guitar is a twelve-string instrument incorporating the range of a guitar and bass, which is performed by tapping the strings; a technique known as touchstyle guitar. Blake pushes the boundaries of the instrument while incorporating elements of progressive rock, ambient, and classical genres.

The Speed of Sound – new double A-side extended single by Manchester progressive pop-rock outfit THE SPEED OF SOUND – ‘Virtual Reality 123 / Charlotte 12″ Version’ entails the reimagining of two songs from their acclaimed 2021 album ‘Museum Of Tomorrow’, this release marking one year since it was released via Big Stir Records.

David McClymont – David McClymont has been quiet for a couple of years but is back with four new releases since May this year. Human Like Me released in September is described as is the final recording that David will release from his home studio in the hills outside of Melbourne. Rhythm, Repetition and the Melodic in Nature was released in July. Taking inspiration from the American minimalists, this collection of instrumental compositions was conceived as a way to sidestep the constraints of the more formal structure that David’s other recordings tended to follow.

2 Lost Souls – Number 37 in the series – counting backwards

Weimar – another track from the Dance On A Volcano album

Moff Skellington – two new EPs from Moff

Moongoose – another new single from Yorkie

Gematria a New Jersey-based progressive/technical instrumental metal duo their debut LP, . The songs on the release were composed using elements of gematria, a cabbalistic numerological system of relating words to numbers, the I Ching, sacred geometry and the writings of Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare, to help generate rhythmic and melodic ideas.

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