World of Jazz 585

On this show I am focusing on  music from  Polish trumpeter  Tomasz Stanko and American Pianist Cecil Taylor. There are three tracks from each

Tomasz Stanko – Twet – Twet

TOMASZ STAŃKO  trumpet  

TOMASZ SZUKALSKI  tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet (Tomas Sukalski)



Recorded in Warsaw, April 1974 and released on Polskie Nagrania

Cecil Taylor – Air Above Mountains (Buildings Within) Part One – Air Above Mountains

Solo performance. Recorded live August 20, 1976 at Moosham Castle Open Air Festival, Austria and released on Enja Records.

Tomasz Stanko – Natka – A i J


WITOLD SZCZUREK  double bass (Vitold ShtuWreck)

CZESLAW KULPOWICZ  drums (Chez Laugh Kul Pov itch)

SLAWOMIR KULPOWICZ  piano (Suave O Meer Kul Pov itch)

Recorded live July 1982 at “Akwarium” jazz club, Warsaw, Poland and released on Polonia Records

Cecil Taylor – The Stele Stolen and Broken Is Reclaimed – Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!

Solo Piano album from 1981 released on MPS Records

Tomasz Stanko – Morning Heavy Song – Leosia

Tomasz Stańko – trumpet

Bobo Stenson – piano

Anders Jormin – bass

Tony Oxley – drums

1997 Album Released by ECM

Cecil Taylor – Streams and Chorus of Seed – Dark To Themselves

 Dark to Themselves is a continuous 61-plus-minute performance by pianist Cecil Taylor and his 1976 quintet which  includes   trumpeter Raphe Malik, his longtime altoist Jimmy Lyons, tenor saxophonist David S. Ware, and drummer Marc Edwards. There is a quick theme along with brief transitions that form the composition “Streams and Chorus of Seed,” but the bulk of the performance is taken up by spontaneous and intense solos. I have included 43 minutes of the piece. Recorded June 18, 1976, live at the 17th Yugoslavian Jazz Festival in Ljubljana and released on Enja Records.

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