Aural Delights on the Overflow 151

On this show music from 2 Lost Souls, Salem Trials, Harry Howard, Coyote Bone, Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh, Dave Graney and the MistLY, Super Hit, The Conspiracy, The Red Propellers, Mark Ortwein and Peter Hammill.

  • 2 Lost Souls “The Turn Of The Screw” from 52 Singles : another one in the 52 singles project featuring guest bassist Jon Rowlinson
  • Salem Trials “We Don’t Hear A Hit” from What Myth Are We Living? : new album on Metal Postcard which is released in February
  • Harry Howard “Back From Space” from Harry Howard Presents Slight Pavilions : another track from Harry’s recent solo album
  • Coyote Bone “Holographic Dream” from Untitled Future Release : Daniel Cunnington (Es., sycloner) with a new project with Alaine Simone – from a forthcoming EP
  • Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh “Song Of The Sea” from Centaur : another track from Malcolm’s recent album
  • Dave Graney and the mistLY “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide” from Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide : reworkings of mostly old Coral Snakes tunes by the current band.
  • Super Hit “Pay To Play” from Pent Up – More great DIY jangle indie pop from Portland’s finest – the work of Kyle Handley
  • The Conspiracy “Locust Rain” from New Years Day EP – Metal Postcard’s first release of 2023 . Their last mini lp explored late 80’s early 90’s indie electronic themes. Here they go back to the guitar and remind us of the likes of West Country greats The Mob with hints of The Kinks meets Zounds,…..
  • The Red Propellers “10 and Blue” from Behind The Yellow Line : another preview from the forthcoming album
  • Mark Ortwein “Pepperoni Grande Con Queso Mas” from It Was Time : Mark wrote “Pepperoni Grande con Queso Mas” a number of years ago when he was in the US Air Force Band and has arranged it for different configurations over the years. He plays Latin gigs with the Dominican pianist Pavel and he knew this tune would really come to life recording it with him. Pavel is playing piano and laid down the Congas and Cow Bell tracks. Mark is playing Electrified Bassoon and Bari Sax on this one with Olas Ortwein on Bass and the drummer in Pavel’s band, Matt McGraw laying down the rhythm.
  • Salem Trials “Try Kate” from What Myth Are We Living?
  • Peter Hammill “Happy Hour” from Enter K : the eleventh studio album by Peter Hammill, originally released on the Naive Records label in October 1982. The label was owned and operated by Gordian Troeller, the former manager of Van der Graaf Generator who had found success managing Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (which Hammill has said “must have been a blessed relief after the VdGG years” Hammill subsequently reissued the album on his own Fie! label. The album was Hammill’s first studio album to be recorded with the K Group, a band that he had formed in 1981 to tour material from his earlier albums A Black Box and Sitting Targets. Each member of the band adopted an alias: Hammill was K, John Ellis was Fury, Nic Potter was Mozart and Guy Evans was Brain.

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