World of Jazz 554

On this show I am continuing my exploration of Ivo Perelman’s “Reed Rapture In Brooklyn”, this time focusing on his partnership with Dave Liebman. As well as further music from Liebman I also have excellent new releases from Blood Quartet, Mette Henriette, Sebastian Rochford & Kit Downes, Stephan Micus, Anders Jormin, and Maximiliano Kirszner

Show Intro 00:00
Ivo Perelman and Dave Liebman “Ten” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 00:53
Dave Liebman, Adam Rudolph, Hamid Drake “Formless Form” from Chi (META Records) 10:13
Blood Quartet “A Place Of Dead Roads” from Root 7 (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube) 19:41
Mette Henriette, Johan Lindvall, Judith Hamann “I villvind” from Drifting (ECM) 29:07
Sebastian Rochford, Kit Downes “Love You Grandpa” from A Short Diary (ECM) 33:56
Stephan Micus “A Song For Thor” from Thunder (ECM) 40:26
Ivo Perelman and Dave Liebman “Two” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 47:21
Dave Liebman, Tatsuya Nakatani, Adam Rudolph “Premonition” from The Unknowable (META Records) 53:43
Mette Henriette, Johan Lindvall, Judith Hamann “Crescent” from Drifting (ECM) 57:44
Maximiliano Kirszner “Trama” from Trama (ears&eyes) 1:00:30
Anders Jormin, Lena Willemark, Karin Nakagawa, Jon Fält “Kingdom of Coldness” from Pasado en claro (ECM) 1:06:14
Sebastian Rochford, Kit Downes “Ten Of Us” from A Short Diary (ECM) 1:12:37
Stephan Micus “A Song For Armazi” from Thunder (ECM) 1:19:51
Ivo Perelman and David Liebman “Twelve” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 1:27:18
Dave Liebman, Cecil McBee, Billy Hart “Fall” from The Seasons (Soul Note) 1:33:56
Maximiliano Kirszner “Artefacto” from Trama (ears&eyes) 1:45:11
Mette Henriette, Johan Lindvall, Judith Hamann “Drifting” from Drifting (ECM) 1:51:01
Blood Quartet “Myths Of The Near Future” from Root 7 (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube) 1:55:27


Dave Leibman


In the philosophical tradition of Taoism, “Chi” is the word used to describe the animating force of the universe, the breath of life that permeates all existence. A natural phenomenon, when channeled it can provide a spark to ignite seemingly supernatural powers. In their first meeting as a trio, saxophone great and NEA Jazz Master Dave Liebman and virtuoso percussionists Adam Rudolph and Hamid Drake tap into that spiritual force to create Chi, a transcendent collaboration deeply possessed of fresh inspiration and deep roots, ancient traditions and modern invention.

Chi brings together these three master musicians for a breathtaking excursion into spontaneous composition, an extended, adventurous set of free improvisation that maintains a throughline of resilient architecture and unexpected twists and turns. Nowhere revealing the tenuous moments that might be expected in an initial collaboration, the music is vivid and powerful from beginning to end, evoking timeless traditions while surging forward with ferocious abandon.

The Unknowable

The word magic comes up time and again when speaking of The Unknowable. Both Dave Liebman and Adam Rudolph use the term when describing their “beautiful alchemy” that also included Tatsuya Nakatani, all three acclaimed artists working as one for this project. Nakatani may not have been using the word “magic” when he refers to this trio’s unique chemistry; but when he speaks of “living life with sound spirit world,” I infer that he’s pointing to the same “voodoo of spontaneous high level musical communication” Liebman so aptly describes.

The Seasons

David Liebman is at his best in pastoral, ethereal situations. This trio session contains both lengthy tunes and shorter works in which Liebman’s soprano sax and flute and more robust tenor solos are supported by Billy Hart’s drumming and Cecil McBee on the bass. Recorded on December 27, 1992 and edited January 19, 1993 at the Red Rock Studios, Saylorsburg, PA, USA

Blood Quartet – Root 7

Release Date – 20th Jan 2023
Pressing – 500 Pressing – Full Pressing Heavy Black Vinyl
Label – Cardinal Fuzz (UK) & Feeding Tube Records (USA)
Cat Number – CFUL-0239

Pioneer of the New York No Wave with the bands Mars and Don King, Mark Cunningham has been part of the Barcelona music underground for almost 30 years, performing solo, with his own groups Raeo, Convolution, Aleatory Grammar and Bèstia Ferida, as a member of Pascal Comelade´s Bel Canto Orchestra and Superelvis, and in countless local and international collaborations. Blood Quartet was formed in early 2015 in Barcelona from a fortuitous collaboration between Cunningham and Catalan underground rock trio Murnau B

An outstanding musical treat that starts from the instrumental base of the modern jazz quartet and takes it to the territory of experimentation and electronics. Blood Quartet sound more luminous and rhythmic than ever, diving into uncharted terrain. This results in an exceptional range of genres that play with the form between the classic and the contemporary, and that extend the creative spectrum of the band towards new styles, such as krautrock and North African music. The result of this process has given rise to nine themes, each one baptized with the title of a literary work by some reference writers of the members of the quartet, in order to add more roots of meaning, more shadows of influence.

Mette Henriette

After Mette Henriette’s critically acclaimed, self-titled first recording comes Drifting – an album pervaded by trio conversations of idiosyncratic and original expression. With Johan Lindvall returning on piano, new addition Judith Hamann on cello and herself on saxophone, Mette’s chamber musical elaborations prove of a concentrated and exploratory quality, marked by subtle yet intense interaction. Motifs and recurring patterns crystallize and reveal a concise, intricate narrative. The saxophonist-composer explains how “this album is in movement. It’s on its way somewhere and has its own pace – its creative agency is fundamentally different from what I’ve done previously.” Recorded in Oslo, completed in Studios La Buissonne and produced by Manfred Eicher, Drifting presents the trio’s deep investigations into hushed textures and rich tones with precision and clarity.

Sebastian Roachford, Kit Downes

This “short diary (of loss)” as drummer Sebastian Rochford calls it is offered as “a sonic memory, created with love, out of need for comfort.” The album is dedicated to Rochford’s father, Aberdeen poet Gerard Rochford (1932-2019) and to his family. Seb, one of ten siblings, wrote most of the music for this album shortly after Gerard’s death and delivers it here, in performances of deep feeling and hymn-like clarity, together with pianist Kit Downes. The final wistful piece, “Even Now I Think of Her” was composed by Gerard Rochford. Sebastian explains: “It’s a tune my dad had sung into his phone and sent me. I forwarded this to Kit’s phone. He listened, and then we started.” The poignancy of A Short Diary will touch many listeners.

Stephan Micus

Stephan Micus is a unique musician and composer. He collects and studies instruments from all around the world and creates his own musical journeys with them. This is his 25th solo album for ECM and its sound is dominated by the four-metre long Tibetan dung chen trumpet, an instrument he has recently learned and is using for the first time. It was the thunderous sound of this instrument that led to the album’s name and its nine tracks celebrating deities around the world. “I dedicate this music to the big family of thundergods around the world, humbly hoping that – when they hear it – their destructive powers will be somehow pacified,” he says. It features instruments – all played by Stephan Micus – from Tibet, India, Burma, Borneo, Siberia, Japan, South America, Gambia, Namibia, Sweden and Bavaria.The album will be released to coincide with Stephan’s 70th birthday January 19.

Maximiliano Kirszner

The group was formed at the beginning of 2020, made up of Maximiliano Kirszner on double bass and composition, Juan Filipelli on guitar, Lucas Goicoechea on alto sax and Nicolás Politzer on drums. They work on original compositions by the double bass player in which there is a constant dialogue between written situations with other improvised ones. The written material alternates with very open situations, blurring the boundaries between these areas at the moment.

Anders Jormin

The creative partnership of Anders Jormin and singer/violinist/violist Lena Willemark was first given exposure on ECM in 2004 with the album In Winds, In Light. In 2015 the bassist and the folk singer-violinist introduced a new project with koto player Karin Nakagawa on Trees of Light. Now, with the addition of drummer Jon Fält, Anders’s long time comrade in the Bobo Stenson Trio, the group has expanded its improvisational range. Many creative ideas are explored on Pasado en claro, emerging from its juxtaposition of poetry and music. Jormin casts his net wide bringing together texts from ancient Chinese and Japanese sources with contemporary Scandinavian poetry, also setting words by Mexican writer Octavio Paz and by Petrarch, lyric poet of Renaissance Italy. The resourceful Willemark sings this cross section of world verse and adds her own songs to the programme.

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