World of Jazz 444

  1. Ayumi Ishito “Looking Through Ice” from Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen Vol. 1 (577 Records) 00:00
  2. Daniel Herskedal “The Mariner’s Cross” from Harbour (Edition Records) 13:36
  3. Andrew Van Tassel “East Wind” from Shape Shifter (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records) 17:09
  4. Cymin Samawatie, Ketan Bhatti “Modara” from Trickster Orchestra (ECM) 26:25
  5. Steve Tintweiss and The Purple Why “Ramona, I Love You” from Markstown (Inky Dot Media) 34:21
  6. Steve Tintweiss and The Purple Why “How Sweet” from Markstown (Inky Dot Media) 39:13
  7. Greg Abate “Sunshower” from Magic Dance: The Music of Kenny Barron (Whaling City Sound) 43:55
  8. Ayumi Ishito “Folly To The Fullest” from Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen Vol. 1 (577 Records) 49:40
  9. Daniel Herskedal “Hunters Point Drydocks” from Harbour (Edition Records) 55:42
  10. Carla Bley, Andy Sheppard, Steve Swallow “Utviklingssang” from Trios (ECM) 1:00:51
  11. Arturo O’Farrill The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra “Gulab Jamon” from Virtual Birdland (Zoho) 1:08:37
  12. Cymin Samawatie, Ketan Bhatti “Gebete” from Trickster Orchestra (ECM) 1:15:42
  13. Andrew Van Tassel “On The Up” from Shape Shifter (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records) 1:20:49
  14. Ayumi Ishito “Constellation Ceiling” from Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen Vol. 1 (577 Records) 1:27:48
  15. Matthias Müller, Ricardo Tejero, Vasco Trilla “Implosition #2” from Implositions (Orbit 577) 1:37:07
  16. Fugu Quintet “Firefly” from Interweavement (Self Released) 1:49:22
  17. Daniel Herskedal “The Beaches of Lesbos” from Harbour (Edition Records) 1:55:02

  • On this weeks show four new featured new releases from Ayumi Ishito, Daniel Herskedal, Andrew Van Tassel, and Cymin Samawatie & Ketan Battie. In between other recent releases and some archive cuts.
  • Ayumi Ishito – Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen Vol. 1 (577 Records) The Spacemen offers a valiant attempt at capturing the interstellar experience. The ambient, experimental project comes from Ayumi Ishito (Saxophone) together with Theo Woodward (Synthesizer, Vocals), Nebula and the Velvet Queen (Theremin), Jake Strauss (Guitar, Bass), and Steven Bartishev (Drums). The Spacemen is full of distortion, unexpected percussive rhythms, and competing melodies. The album’s six tracks are exploratory and driven largely by cohesive solo performances, even when played in tandem. When combined, their sound is futuristic and cosmic, incorporating elements of improvisational jazz, scintillating electronica, and fluctuating vocals that make it disorienting, mesmerizing, and otherworldly. This project marks Ayumi Ishito’s official debut on 577 Records; she has more music with Daniel Carter, planned for release later this year. Their first project, Volume 1, will be released on 577 Records on July 2nd, 2021, and followed by Volume 2 in the near future.
  • Daniel Herskedal – Harbour (Edition Records) – Coming off the back of winning a Spellemann Award (Norwegian Grammy) for his 2020 solo album ‘Call for Winter’, Daniel Herskedal’s new album ,Harbour, his sixth album for Edition, reunites his long term collaborators, pianist Eyolf Dale and Andreas Helge Norbakken: a band that gets stronger and stronger with each release.
  • Andrew Van Tassel – Shape Shifter Saxophonist, composer, and educator Andrew Van Tassel draws inspiration from a broad palette of genres: bebop/hard bop, fusion, indie rock, classical music, and more. His upcoming release on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records (BJUR 072), Shape-Shifter (his sophomore release), reflects this multifaceted approach that ultimately produces music distinctly his own, while unveiling compelling explorations with electronics in a contemporary jazz ensemble context.
  • Cymin Samawatie, Ketan Bhatti – Trickster Orchestra – The Trickster Orchestra represents Cymin Samawatie’s and Ketan Bhatti’s first shared collaboration outside of Cyminology, their Berlin-based group, whose three ECM recordings (As Ney, Saburi and Phoenix) each respectively gained praise for their cross-cultural approach. This program sees Cymin and Ketan expanding their musical reach with the Trickster Orchestra. “When working with this orchestra,” says Cymin, “Ketan and I step outside of our musical comfort zone and reinvent ourselves – try out new paths that we still have to discover.”
  • Steve Tintweiss and The Purple Why (Inky Dot Media)- Markstown – Two live performances by bassist Steve Tintweiss’ The Purple Why from 1968 receive their first release on MarksTown. The colorfoul avant-garde music features Tintweiss’ compositions and the adventurous improvisations by a septet that includes : James DuBoise – trumpet, Mark Whitecage – tenor saxophone and flute,Trevor Koehler – baritone saxophone, Judy Stuart and Amy Sheffer – vocals, Steve Tintweiss – double bass, melodica, vocals, composer, leader, Laurence Cook – drums. The featured tracks are from the concert at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery [August 21, 1968]
  • Greg Abate – Magic Dance: The Music of Kenny Barron (Whaling City Sound) – This ambitious project pairs the versatile reedman Greg Abate with NEA Jazz Master, pianist and composer Kenny Barron across two discs of all Kenny Barron material, altered and reworked by Abate, and recorded with the stellar rhythm trio of Barron, bassist Dezron Douglas, and drummer Johnathan Blake at Rudy Van Gelder’s famed studio. Magic Dance: The Music of Kenny Barron includes both well-known and rather obscure Barron compositions.
  • Carla Bley, Andy Sheppard, Steve Swallow – Trios (ECM) 2013 – This was the first occasion on which these longtime collaborators had worked as a trio since 1994’s Songs with Legs.
  • Arturo O’Farrill The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra (Zoho) – Virtual Birdland – GRAMMY Award Winner Arturo O’Farrill celebrates the 1-Year Anniversary of “ALJA Digital Village” Program “Virtual Birdland” with a new Album Spotlighting 10 Compositions Culled from Over 50 Online Concerts
  • Matthias Müller, Ricardo Tejero, Vasco Trilla – Implositions (Orbit 577) – Implositions was inspired by apparent opposites and contradictions. As the first release from Matthias Müller (Trombone), Ricardo Tejero (Saxophone), and Vasco Trilla (Percussion), the experimental project is an inquiry into physics, metaphysics, and the root causes of tension that hold our world together; the resulting extended tracks are balanced explorations of those competing forces. Incorporating ambient noise, distorted brass, and scattered percussion, the music is punctuated and structured by negative space, looking for natural implosions of sound. This free improvisation is a cerebral gesture at the spontaneous dialogue between unmediated spaces, and an impressive debut work. Implositions will be available in limited disc edition on July 9, 2021.
  • Fugu Quintet – Interweavement – Russian jazz group Fugu Quintet. released on April 16th 2021. They say “This album is our attempt to demonstrate that human creativity has not been exhausted yet, our attempt to postpone the next great cataclysm which will be generated by the cultural asphyxia of our society. But that is not for sure . . .”. This a great album with a broad mix of modern jazz with added ambient, rock, and progressive sounds with elements that would not be out of place on a sci-fi film soundtrack . The writing is of a very high quality throughout plus there is an excellent reading of Gil Evans “Where Flamingo’s Fly” to add value to the overall collection. This is a self released digital only album and is available as pay what you want

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