World of Jazz 444

HOUR ONE HOUR TWO Ayumi Ishito "Looking Through Ice" from Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen Vol. 1 (577 Records) 00:00Daniel Herskedal "The Mariner's Cross" from Harbour (Edition Records) 13:36Andrew Van Tassel "East Wind" from Shape Shifter (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records) 17:09Cymin Samawatie, Ketan Bhatti "Modara" from Trickster Orchestra (ECM) 26:25Steve Tintweiss and The Purple Why … Continue reading World of Jazz 444


Coming off the back of winning a Spellemann Award (Norwegian Grammy) for his 2020 solo album ‘Call for Winter’, Daniel Herskedal’s new album ,Harbour, his sixth album for Edition, reunites his long term collaborators, pianist Eyolf Dale and Andreas Helge Norbakken: a band that gets stronger and stronger with each release. Their joint sonority and … Continue reading Harbour