2022 – My Top Twenty Albums

It’s been a busy year with over 300 new albums received so narrowing down the list to twenty was very difficult. After much thought here are the top 20 in reverse order. A playlist podcast of tracks from each is on Podbean. In the case of Salem Trials their general output of 25+ releases in one year has made the list rather than any one specific release.

The Bobby Lees – Bellevue

Half Man Half Biscuit – The Voltorol Years

Blokeacola – Mango Insane

Agent Starling Constellation of Birds

Cannonball Statman – Miracle on Neon Clown Avenue

Danny Short – Not Many Signs Show The Way

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – Teen Tapes (for performing your own stunts)

Legless Trials – Cheese Sandwich

Tomistoma – The Chase

Steve Cardenas, Ben Allison, Ted Nash – Healing Power : The Music of Carla Bley

Playfield – Stepping Out

Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh – Centaur

Hanterhir – Nyns Eus Denvydth Bys Trest (There Is No-one Left To Trust)

Heroes Are Gang Leaders – LeAutoRoiOgraphy

Salem Trials – Numerous Releases

The Dream Syndicate – Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions

Harry Howard – Harry Howard Presents Slight Pavilions

Ember Rev – Dives and Lazarus

Weimar – Dancing On A Volcano

Dave Graney and Clare Moore – In A MistLY

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