Different Noises 12

This selection is a little more reflective and a tad more esoteric than usual…..all new releases with a blend of dub, neo classical, dark ambient, jazz, and improvisation. Features cuts from a new dub compilation and also pieces from albums by Julian Loida, Christopher Whitley, Gridfailure & Interstitia, Henry Threadgill, The Jazz Warriors, and Paul … Continue reading Different Noises 12

Different Noises 11

So this one is heavier and stranger than usual,  mostly due to the conjunction of various releases. In between the rock and grunge there is dub reggae, electronica, avant-garde,  lo fi rock, ambient, guitar improv, and plain weirdness. Featuring music from Datura, King Tubby and the Observer All Stars, Pauline Oliveros, Christopher Willes, Public Recordings, … Continue reading Different Noises 11

Different Noises 9

On this show a feature on Salford guitar maestro Johann Kloos who has just released a new album, plus music from Legless Trials, Louise Campbell, Droneroom, Robin Nitram, Threads, Ugly, The Bordellos, A Shoreline Dream, Beauty In Chaos, Nevaris,  Wizard Tattoo and trio of Peter Hammill related tracks. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/ujkzqz/DN9.mp3 Johann Kloos - Helsinki - Found … Continue reading Different Noises 9

Different Noises 7

The veritable tsunami of new music continues - here are some examples of what has arrived recently together  with some older selections from my vast archive of music. Featuring Tim Hecker, Iztok Korem, Son of Buzzi, Tomasz Stańko, MalClango, Blowers, Sam Prekop & John McEntire, All Hands_Make Light, Devin Gray, Neon Kittens, Salem Trials, and, … Continue reading Different Noises 7

Different Noises 5

A dozen Different Noises this time firstly a trio celebrating the work of this weeks birthday boy and Manchester music legend  Tim Lyons plus a range of things that were too long for an hour long radio show and in some instances would have scared off the casual listener. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/gg9yr8/DifferentNoises5.mp3 PLAYLIST The Things - 1,000 … Continue reading Different Noises 5

Different Noises 3

Another eclectic mix of new music that there was not space for on my radio shows. There is material  from Owl, Ryan McGregor, Jeff Gburek, Anatomy of Habit, BIG|BRAVE, Clouds Taste Satanic, TFS, Tomistoma, eLa, Eugene Chadbourne, Fella Cederbaum, and, Robert Forster. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/yzei4n/DifferentNoises3.mp3 Owl - A King For Every Mountain - Geomancy :  The band  … Continue reading Different Noises 3