Aural Delights on the Overflow 130

  1. Show Intro 00:00
  2. 2 Lost Souls – No Bite 00:45
  3. Salem Trials – Are We The Baddies? 06:16
  4. Scenius – High Low 08:26
  5. The Khats – Two Cats 12:53
  6. Religious Overdose – Control Addicts 15:53
  7. High Castle Teleorkestra – The Aramchek Accusation 19:55
  8. The Sons of Adam – Mr Sun (Live) 23:52
  9. Dave Graney – Land of the Giants 26:37
  10. The Mind Sweepers – Lost Weekend 32:38
  11. Moff Skellington – Madmens Toes In Madmens Boots 38:08
  12. Royal Catastrophe – Kings and Queens and Guillotines 41:58
  13. Salem Trials – Cast Out Kids 48:11
  14. Religious Overdose – In This Century 50:23
  15. Scientist – Frontline 57:52

  • 2 Lost Souls – No Bite – Another in the 52 Singles Series
  • Salem Trials – Are We The Baddies? – Another teaser single from the forthcoming triple album
  • Scenius – High Low – The duo is composed of UK producer Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission, Yann Tiersen…) and French singer Fab Nau. Following a series of singles released in 2020, Scenius’s debut album received worldwide critical acclaim and radio plays. In 2021 they remixed tracks for BlakLight (US) and Projekt Ich (DE) and got remixed by Nature of Wires (UK), Klammer (UK) and Black Boiler (FR). The duo also contributed that year a track to the Generation Blitz compilation In 2022, Scenius – initially a studio project – have become a live band, playing a series of gigs in France. A live EP was released in May along with the complete video shootage of their very first gig. The duo is now finishing the last tracks to their second album due out in January 2023.
  • The Khats – Two Cats – Gustav (guitar, vocals and hairballs) and LaPhelpa (bass, vocals, m-meows) are aided here by K.Board (drums) to express all their feline anger and disdain. Five tracks of raw, unashamed, aggressive punk rock. This is fast music for short attention mammals. The lyrics, though charming, are nasty and spiteful. The music slashes like untamed claws. This is crunchy, fishy, stinky stuff. This ain’t no kitten slop. This ain’t no music for pussies. K.Board & THE KHATS is a sort of parallel project of K. Board & The Skreens. It’s an outlet for K.Board’s cats Gustav and LaPhelpa, who were bored to bits in the summer heat. Thus this hairy punk rock trio was born. That’s basically it.
  • Religious Overdose – Control Addicts – Strung Out On Heaven’s High 1980 – 1982 – retrospective of the Northamptonian post-punkers
  • High Castle Teleorkestra – The Aramchek Accusation – Art As Catharsis presents the debut from HIGH CASTLE TELEORKESTRA, a collective formed by musicians who are a part of or have played with Estradasphere, Secret Chiefs 3, Mr. Bungle, and Farmers Market, and more. The Egg That Never Opened is a mind-melting LP fusing everything from Eastern European folk, swing jazz, technical metal, and much more. Densely layered orchestrations, starkly unrelated genre superimposition, tasteful and energetic virtuosity, a narrative based on the book Radio Free Albemuth by Philip K. Dick, Eastern European folk music set to polyrhythmic death metal, innovative use of odd meters, 1950s-style surf guitar ballads, the unmistakable nod to the Beach Boys’ Smile-era, stunning string sections, a kooky and morphing assortment of oddball synths and lo-fi keyboards from asynchronous eras, final mixes mastered from ¼-inch tape, other-worldly productions of astounding density and intrigue a variety of composition and arrangement styles, and so much more. HIGH CASTLE TELEORKESTRA takes the listener on a blustering ride across the universe atop the pink beam of an ancient satellite.
  • The Sons of Adam – Mr Sun (Live) – Saturday’s Sons: The Complete Recordings 1964-1966 – The Sons Of Adam – a lean, mean rock-n-roll machine from the Hollywood rock scene of the mid-1960s – quite literally blew the competition off the stage. Led by influential lead guitarist Randy Holden (Other Half / Blue Cheer), the Sons boasted an affable frontman in Jac Ttanna (Genesis) and an incomparable rhythm section in Mike Port and Michael Stuart-Ware (Love). Schooled in surf, emboldened by the British Invasion, the band had a fearsome reputation as a live act. In this unprecedented anthology, Saturday’s Sons features a previously unreleased 1966 full concert performance from San Francisco’s famed Avalon Ballroom, a recording so powerfully dynamic that few listeners will doubt the band’s masterful live presence. The quartet enjoyed a brief but incandescent three-year career which is fully documented on this compilation with rare 45s, studio outtakes and demo recordings, including fiery surf material from their early incarnation The Fender IV, and the legendary single “Feathered Fish”, donated to the band by Love’s Arthur Lee. The story of the Sons Of Adam’s unfulfilled reach for the brass ring is detailed in a definitive 15,000 word essay on the group written by compilation producer Alec Palao, presented here in a full-color booklet with many rare and previously unseen images, and housed in a Deluxe Gatefold 2 LP Set or Deluxe CD Digipak.
  • Dave Graney – Land of the Giants – another track from the Point Blank show
  • The Mind Sweepers – Lost Weekend – new EP anticipating their second album coming later in the year
  • Moff Skellington – Madmens Toes In Madmens Boots – reissue of 2017s Golfer In Disgrace album
  • Royal Catastrophe – Kings and Queens and Guillotines – Belated Platinum Jubilation – Steve from Monkeys In Love back with a solo project
  • Salem Trials – Cast Out Kids
  • Religious Overdose – In This Century
  • Scientist – Frontline from Dub Wars – Coxsone vs Quaker City

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