World of Jazz 457

  1. Bloodcount “Byram’s World” from 5 (Screwgun) 00:00
  2. Caroline Davis “Yesterday’s Seven Thousand Years” from Portals, Volume 1 : Mourning (Sunnyside) 17:05
  3. Joachim Caffonnette Extended “Bittersweet Times” from Bittersweet Times (Hypnote Records) 26:02
  4. Mark Helias “Lands End” from Split Image (Enja) 34:01
  5. Mark Helias, Tim Berne “Not For The Multitudes” from Not For The Multitudes (Bandcamp) 44:20
  6. Joachim Caffonnette Extended “Any Where Out Of The World” from Bittersweet Times (Hypnote Records) 53:38
  7. Caroline Davis “Left” from Portals, Volume 1 : Mourning (Sunnyside) 1:00:30
  8. Eric Dolphy “Mandrake” from Music Prophet – The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions (Resonance Records) 1:08:11
  9. Bloodcount “Bro Ball” from Attention Spam (Screwgun) 1:14:06
  10. Caroline Davis “The Inflated Chariot Awaits Defeat” from Portals, Volume 1 : Mourning (Sunnyside) 1:31:17
  11. Joachim Caffonnette Extended “Endless Dreams” from Bittersweet Times (Hypnote Records) 01:41:22
  12. Tim Berne’s Snakeoil “Rolo” from The Fantastic Mrs.10 (Intakt) 01:47:03

On this weeks show a focus on recent releases by Tim Berne, including work with Mark Helias, new albums from Caroline Davis and Joachim Caffonette and a classic recording by Eric Dolphy.

Tim Berne

A busy release year from Tim Berne continues with two new albums from the Bloodcount Band. Each release contains two sets of material. As usual the band is Jim Black, drums, Michael Formanek, bass, Chris Speed, tenor sax and clarinet and Tim Berne, alto & baritone sax, composer with the addition of Marc Ducret, on electric guitar the album entitled ‘5’. The music was recorded in 1997 and the sound quality is excellent.

Caroline Davis

Portals, Volume 1 Mourning is a collection of pieces that Davis wrote for her current quintet along with a string quartet, her first time orchestrating for this instrumentation. The quintet has been her regular group since 2019 and features trumpeter Marquis Hill, pianist Julian Shore, bassist Chris Tordini, and drummer Allan Mednard. For the string quartet, Davis knew that she desired string players who placed improvisation at the center of their practice. Having had the good fortune to work previously with a number of multi-talented players, she was able to recruit violinists Mazz Swift and Josh Henderson along with violist Joanna Mattrey and cellist Mariel Roberts.

Joachim Caffonette

On his third album as a leader, Belgian pianist Joachim Caffonnette deepens and refines his textural approach, carefully balancing between the impressionist influences and the bebop legacy that are distinctive of his very personal signature. « Extended » is meant as a projection of his writing and his ideals through various instrumental ensembles that stimulate meetings and spontaneity between the musicians. On this opus, Caffonnette gathers some of the most promising cats of their generation: double bass player from New Orleans Jasen Weaver, New York-based Israeli drummer Noam Israeli and, as a special guest, Kansas City’s virtuous trumpet player Hermon Mehari. On the three featured tracks, the band is joined by Édouard Wallyn on trombone and Quentin Manfroy on alto and bass flutes, unveiling an almost orchestral sound. This album expresses itself through its intensity, constant interplay and shared joy. Caffonnette’s writing is as melodic as it is contrasted, oscillating between burning swing and aerial harmonies.

Mark Helias

Two albums featured

Split Image is his first album as a leader and documents some of his compositions from the late 70’s into the 80’s. Recorded on August 29,1984 and originally released in 1985, the album features great young (at the time ) musicians, all of whom went on to important careers as band leaders, composers and performers, and on the featured tracks the legendary Dewey Redman

Mark Helias – Bass, Composer
Tim Berne – Alto Saxophone
Gerry Hemingway – Drums
Herb Robertson -Cornet, Trumpet, Valve Trombone
Dewey Redman – Tenor Saxophone

Not for the Multitudes is contains a single piece. This music was part of the session that produced the duo album Blood From a Stone which was released on bandcamp on October 1, 2020. It comprises a twenty minute performance captured in its entirely and as it was played. Because of its length it was not included om the original album and was separately released on September 3, 2021. The music featured is an edit of the piece. Mark Helias – double bass with Tim Berne – alto saxophone

Eric Dolphy

A track from the excellent album from 2019 on Resonance which was the first official release of previously-unissued of Dolphy studio recordings in over 30 years, including 85-minutes never before released. The music was recorded after Dolphy left Prestige/New Jazz Records, and just before the recording of the timeless classic Out to Lunch! album for Blue Note. Originally on the Iron Man album with the stellar line-up of

Eric Dolphy – bass clarinet, flute, alto saxophone
Richard Davis – bass
Clifford Jordan – soprano saxophone
Sonny Simmons – alto saxophone
Prince Lasha – flute
Woody Shaw – trumpet
Bobby Hutcherson – vibes
J.C. Moses – drums

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