Multi award winning band Keltrix blend haunting vocals, soaring strings and formidable guitar with electronic beats, bass and synth lines, bridging the gap between alternative folk and electro. The result is both interesting and engaging as indicated in their latest release, ‘Herstory’ which released May 26th 2021.

Of the new album the band say: ““Herstory is the first concept album we have ever attempted, for Keri as a songwriter and Sharon as a producer . Herstory targets the harm patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and capitalism has on ‘we the people’ and our home Earth, from the perspective of survivors of rape, domestic/child abuse and multiple sexual assaults. Herstory is for survivors by survivors and encourages those who have not, to be brave, seek help and speak out. Silence protects abusers, the more we say the less power they have.”

The current live line-up of singer/songwriter Keri Kel, violinist/producer Sharon Sullivan and Panda are based in Cambridge, but hail from Liverpool and Salford. The band are pleased to be working with Jay Williams of ‘The Broken Family Band’ fame again on ‘Herstory’. Jay also worked on a couple of tracks on former albums Between and Beyond Storms and Bobby Says.

CD, Vinyl and Digital versions of the release are available.

Keltrix return, after the stripped back “Naked”, album with a rich, evocative, sometimes symphonic, suite of songs. There are some interesting developments in the overall sound of the band with steps into more experimental elements but the core “dance meets folk” approach is still there.

To be featured on Aural Delights 449 and Overflow 74

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