New York United Volume 2

New York United is an experimental group at the musical intersection of a classic New York avant-garde scene and forward-looking electronic production. Comprised of multi-instrumentalist and 577 label -cofounder Daniel Carter (Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet), electronic producer Tobias Wilner from Blue Foundation (Synthesizers, Percussion, Vocals, Piano, Guitar), Wu-Tang Clan bass player Djibril Toure and 577’s Federico Ughi (Drums), their sound reflects their decades of collaboration. This second volume follows their celebrated debut, the eponymous New York United (2019), and matches its characteristically dreamlike effect, while maintaining a steady, rhythmic momentum. Like the first volume, this album was initially recorded in an improvised studio performance, and manipulated by Wilner in post-recording production, lending a uniquely ambient, electronic effect to otherwise spontaneous composition between musicians. Inescapably connected to its namesake city, the project is a testament to the transformative energy that sustains New York, dissolving individual boundaries into a collective sense of itself. New York United, Volume 2 will be available as a CD, 12’’ black vinyl and 12’’ grey vinyl (limited edition of 100) on September 3, 2021.

The release will preceded by two singles both of which are on the album.

On July 1st – New York Flower – The world has changed in unthinkable ways since New York United’s 2019 debut—and their namesake is an unintended ode to both the characteristic collectivity of an interconnected city, as well as the terrible tragedies it has withstood. This is epitomized on the album’s first track, “New York Flower,” a mesmerizing homage to the lives lost in the pandemic and to Wilner’s own neighbour Rosa, who he describes as a beacon of “pure sunshine” for him and his young family. The track begins with muted avant-garde jazz instrumentation, accompanied by elegant electronic percussion and haunting vocals. An unknown woman, just like Rosa, is depicted on the album’s cover, walking into the light, living on through all aspects of the project.

On August 5th – The Grind – New York United is located at the intersection of avant-garde jazz scene and electronic music, combining improvisational performance and bold electronic post-production editing to develop a characteristically unique sound. “The Grind,” the second track off their forthcoming album, combines a relentless crescendo of brass with an oscillating electronic beat to build a captivating wall of sound. The track is dedicated to the hustle needed to keep up in New York, the grind that’s contributed to New York’s own mythology, and therein a relatable feeling between New Yorkers all attempting to navigate the city. The “grind” generates competing feelings of invincibility and invisibility, embodied in the track’s continuous tension-building, and final climactic release.

A remarkable album this is yet another testament to the ground-breaking work that 577 records are doing. Truly modern jazz of the highest order.

To featured on World of Jazz 445 (first single) 448 (second single) and 452 (featured album).

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