Aural Delights 430

  1. The Residents “Everyone Comes To The Freak Show” from Freakshow (2021)
  2. Bob Mould “The Silence Between Us” from District Line (2008)
  3. Dave Graney & The Mistly “Gloria Grahame” from Lyve from Byrds (2021)
  4. Krak In Dub “My Salvation ft Beenie Man” from Raised Riddim (2021)
  5. Moff Skellington “The natural way of things” from Owed To Spectral Mummy (2016/2021)
  6. Space Museum “Apostrophe Clot” from I Have Seen Your Dreams (2021)
  7. Sugar “Changes” from Copper Blue (1992)
  8. Johnathon Kane and Dave Soldier “I Hate To See You Go” February Meets Soldier String Quartet (2021)
  9. Agent Starling “Helicopter Arms” Pre-release (2021)
  10. The Residents “Harry The Head” from Freakshow (2021)
  11. Blowoff “Ballad of Mark Dirt” from Blowoff (2006)
  12. The Fall “Entitled [Abbey Road – Take 2]” from Bend Sinister: Domesday Pay-Off Triad-Plus! (2019)
  13. Bob Mould “Silver Age” from Silver Age (2012)
  14. Dave Graney & The Mistly “You Can’t Have Your Boogie” from Lyve from Byrds (2021)
  15. Jackson Code “‘Til Our Teeth Got Sore” from Draggin’ The River (1996)
  16. John Prine “Loretta” from Poet: A Tribute to Townes Van Zandt (2001)
  17. Moff Skellington “Viaduct” from Owed To Spectral Mummy (2016/2021)
  18. Space Museum “Excruciate” from I Have Seen Your Dreams (2021)
  19. Agent Starling “I Dream of the Wine Dark Sea” Pre-release (2021)
  20. Bob Mould “Skintrade” from The Last Dog and Pony Show (1998)
  21. Krak In Dub “Policemen ft Davojah” Raised Riddim (2021)
  22. Loudbomb “Devil V. Angel” from Long Playing Grooves (2002)
  23. Moff Skellington “The Supernatural Way Of Things” from Owed To Spectral Mummy (2016/2021)
  24. The Residents “Wanda The Worm Woman” from Freakshow (2021)
  25. Dave Graney & The Mistly “Where’s My Buzz?” from Lyve from Byrds (2021)
  26. Angel Starling “Minor Surgery” Pre-release (2021)

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