World of Jazz 528

On this show music from a box set of Miles Davis recordings from the early 80s, plus new albums from Vladimir Samardžić , Seajun Kwon, Nichuminu, Avi Adrian, and Matt Gill, and a single from the new album from Timo Vollbrecht


Show Intro 00:00
Miles Davis “Santana” from That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7 (Columbia Legacy) 00:50
Vladimir Samardžić “Grisignana Part I (Night)” from Catching The Wind (SKC NS) 14:29
SeaJun Kwon “Commune” from Micro Nap (Endectomorph Music) 22:01
Nichunimu “Cachos” from Un Cacho de Metal, Un Resto de Vaivén (577 Records) 28:36
Avi Adrian Trio “Kosher Chan Chan” from Songs From A Dream II, The Music of Adar Broshi (Cypress Motion) 36:21
Matt Gill “Five Songs For Bass Saxophone Solo” from Stanzas Works For Saxophone (La Scalach Recordings) 42:28
Miles Davis “Katia (Full Studio Session)” from That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7 (Columbia Legacy) 48:22
Timo Vollbrecht “Pau” from Givers & Takers (Self Released) 1:00:00
Vladimir Samardžić “Catching The Wind” from Catching The Wind (SKC NS) 1:04:57
SeaJun Kwon “Rumination” from Micro Nap (Endectomorph Music) 1:12:33
Nichunimu “Tobo” from Un Cacho de Metal, Un Resto de Vaivén (577 Records) 1:21:10
Avi Adrian Trio “Tango Bango” from Songs From A Dream II, The Music of Adar Broshi (Cypress Motion) 1:24:02
SeaJun Kwon “Micro-nap” from Micro Nap (Endectomorph Music) 1:30:42
Nichunimu “Suplidos” from Un Cacho de Metal, Un Resto de Vaivén (577 Records) 1:33:40
Avi Adrian Trio “New Samba” from Songs From A Dream II, The Music of Adar (Cypress Motion) 1:39:28
Miles Davis “Speak (That’s What Happened)” from That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7 (Columbia Legacy) 1:47:20


Vladimir Samardžić

Serbian bass player Vladimir Samardžić’s new album “Catching the Wind”, is mostly delivered via a guitar trio, and presents him as a strong writer with a clear stylistic vision. Brazilian guitarist Marco Antonio da Costa gives a specific original color to the first part of the album, while in the second part Vladimir’s old friend Nenad Gajin performs excitingly and uncompromisingly on electric guitar. Both bring a unique sound and energy. For this recording, Vladimir teamed up again with his favorite drummer Dado Marinković, creating a strong and rich rhythmic basis, while the collaboration with percussionist Andrej Krstić in two duet numbers leads to a variety of interesting musical landscapes on the release.

SeaJun Kwon

A micro-nap is a way to quickly recharge one’s batteries without slipping into a deeper state of slumber. It’s a restful moment somewhere in between waking and sleeping, consciousness and unconsciousness. Korean-born, New York-based composer and bassist SeaJun Kwon delights in such liminal spaces. On Micro-Nap, the second album by his exploratory Walking Cliché Sextet, Kwon and his deeply attuned ensemble navigate constantly changing compositions through a series of elusive, transient moments.

Due out October 21, 2022 via saxophonist Kevin Sun’s Endectomorph Music label, Micro Nap
investigates these notions of miniscule changes to reflect the far more monumental transitions that have characterized Kwon’s life and career over the past decade. In a way, it serves as a farewell to his time in Boston, where he moved in 2016 to study at New England Conservatory. The Walking Cliché Sextet is made up of the bassist’s NEC classmates: pianist Erez Dessel, drummer Charles Weller, alto saxophonist Aaron Dutton, tenor saxophonist Jacob Shulman, and trombonist and tuba player Michael Prentky all return from the band’s 2021 debut, Suite Chase Reflex. This time out the piano and drum chairs are shared with Jacob Hiser and Avery Logan respectively, one concrete instance of evolution over time.


A Chilean improvisational trio working at the edges of free jazz, ritualism, noise, minimalism, and krautrock music. Since 2014, Benjamin Vergara (Trumpet), Nicolás Carrasco (Synthesizer), and Matías Mardones (Percussion) have been inspired by repetition, textures, and friendship through the sound, focusing on circular shapes in music that bind them together. Based between the cities of Valdivia and Santiago, their members have also collaborated on projects like La Kut, Cariñito 3, Dubitativos, representing a substantial part of Chile’s experimental scene in the last 20 years. On this project, Un Cacho de Metal, Un Resto de Vaivén, which was recorded the day after their performance at Relincha Festival, the trio was again inspired by patterns of circularity and repetition, tending towards sweet sounds like on “Entrechócanse,” darker effect on “Suplidos,” and experimental noise music on the opening track “Cachos.” Their music, eternally youthful, gracefully combines acoustic and electronic effects. Un Cacho de Metal, Un Resto de Vaivén will be available in vinyl, CD, and digital editions in November 2022.

Avi Adrian Trio

Recorded in Jerusalem, Israel. Virtuoso pianist Avi Adrian releases a new trio album titled ‘Songs From A Dream II’ with Barak Mori on Bass and Ofri Nehemia on Drums. The second album celebrating of the music of Adar Broshi who died of cancer at the age of 19 after two and a half years of fighting the disease. Part of the mission of this project is to raise the awareness of Childhood cancer, a disease that claims the lives of far too many children each year and a disease that has seen little medical progress over the last 30 years. While fighting cancer at the age of 17 and 18, Adar Broshi composed the music on this album. The tracks express Broshi’s memories of joy and happiness, and of an uncertain future, as well as the hope and determination to fight on.

Matt Gill

A graduate of Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Matt Gill has been a noted San Diego performer and music educator for decades. He is probably best known for being one fourth of the Zzymzzy Quartet, playing clarinet in a band that draws much of its inspiration from Django Reinhardt. During the Covid-19 period, Gill took the opportunity to record some of the music that he has composed over the last 25 years or so. The result is Stanzas: Works for Saxophones. He sent this sample track through to me for airplay.

Timo Vollbrecht

“Pau“ is the first single from NYC-based saxophonist Timo Vollbrecht’s newest album “Givers & Takers.“ Named after his first-born child, this deeply personal piece features the tender, improvisational interplay of his band FLY MAGIC. Warm-timbred, melodic, atmospheric, and unpretentious – in this song, sound travels and expands gradually, tapping into the vastness of space. Together with Keisuke Matsuno (guitar), Elias Stemeseder (piano & synthesizers), and Dayeon Seok (drums), he formed a band with no bassist. Instead, Stemeseder plays synth-bass while his other hand operates other keys.

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