World of Jazz 463

  1. David Sanford “Immersion” from A Prayer For Lester Bowie (Greenleaf) 00:00
  2. Manny Kellough And Friends “Generosity” from Speaking Of Jazz East To West (MKJ “So De Kie” Music) 14:12
  3. Mauricio J Rodriguez “Casualty” from Luz (Self Released) 19:52
  4. The Heavyweights Brass Band “Sweet Pauly’s Boogaloo” from Stir Crazy (Slammin’ Media) 24:58
  5. Avataar “Song Song” from Worldview (Insound Records) 28:49
  6. The Barry Deister Quintet “Ripples” from The Barry Deister Quintet – Music for Jazz Quintet & Strings (Self Released) 35:25
  7. David Sanford “A Prayer For Lester Bowie” from A Prayer For Lester Bowie (Greenleaf) 42:07
  8. Manny Kellough And Friends “Katrina Ballerina (Cute And Pretty Ballerina)” from Speaking Of Jazz East To West (MKJ “So De Kie” Music) 55:39
  9. Mauricio J Rodriguez “Monday” from Luz (Self Released) 1:00:44
  10. Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Cosmo Arkestra “The House Of Eternal Being” from Live At Montreux (P Vine Records) 1:07:13
  11. Avataar “Ekkriis Spirito (reclaimed spirit)” from Worldview (Insound Records) 1:17:07
  12. The Heavyweights Brass Band “Stir Crazy” from Stir Crazy (Slammin’ Media) 1:25:37
  13. David Sanford “V Reel” from A Prayer For Lester Bowie (Greenleaf) 1:29:05
  14. Manny Kellough And Friends “Happy Swing In F” from Speaking Of Jazz East To West (MKJ “So De Kie” Music) 1:37:44
  15. Mauricio J Rodriguez “Claudia” from Luz (Self Released) 1:41:49
  16. Tim Green and Massimo Magee “Abeyance (Edit) ” from Abeyance (Orbit 577) 1:48:10

This week a selection of new releases with some classic live sounds from Sun Ra. There’s music from David Sanford, Manny Kellough, Mauricio J Rodriguez, The Heavyweights Brass Band, Avataar, Barry Deister and i’m closing with some great improvisation from Tim Green and Massimo Magee.

David Sanford

Ted Levine and Kelley Hart-Jenkins – alto saxophones
Anna Webber (tracks 1, 13), Marc Phaneuf (track 13) and Geoff Vidal – tenor saxophones
Brad Hubbard – baritone saxophone
Brad Goode (track 1), Tony Kadleck (track 13), Tim Leopold, Wayne J. du Maine, Thomas Bergeron and Hugh Ragin – trumpets
Mike Christianson, Jim Messbauer, Ben Herrington (tracks 1,13)
Steven Gehring – bass trombone
Raymond Stewart – tuba
Dave Fabris – electric guitar
Geoff Burleson – piano
Dave Phillips – electric and acoustic bass
Mark Raynes – drums
Theo Moore – percussion
David Sanford (tracks 1,13 )
and Hugh Ragin (track 8)

Manny Kellough And Friends

For Speaking Of Jazz, drummer Kellough gathered together some of his favorite instrumentalists and singers For the first eight numbers, he is joined by pianist William Knowles, bassist Wes “Suga” Biles, and (on most selections) altoist Antonio Parker and trumpeter-flugelhornist Michael Thomas.

Mauricio J Rodriguez

Musicians: All Arrangements, Six Strings E. Bass, Fretless E. Bass, and Double Bass: Mauricio J. Rodriguez; Vocals: Adrianna Foster, Jorge Quintero, Big Johnny Boffa; Pianos: Gabriel M. Hernández Cadenas; Guitar: Ahmed Barroso; Saxophones: Zachary Bornheimer and Jorge Pinelo; Clarinet: José M. Sardiñas; Trumpet: Richie Viruet; Violoncello: José Pradas; Drums: Reinier Guerra and Lucio Vieira; Udú, Afro-Percussion, Timbal, and Cuban Percussion: Orlando “Landy” Mosqueda; Batá Drums: Tomasito Cruz; Cajón: Andy Fornet

A major composer and bassist, Mauricio J. Rodriguez has spent important periods living and playing music in Cuba, Venezuela and (since 2001) the United States. For his latest recording, Luz, Rodriguez is heard on six-string E-bass, his fretless E-bass and the standard string bass, contributing four of the ten selections, and arranging all of the music.

The Heavyweights Brass Band

John Pittman – Trumpet
Paul Metcalfe – Saxophones
RJ Satchithananthan – Trombone
Tom Richards – Tuba
Lowell Whitty – Drums, Percussion
Joel Visentin – Organ
Aline Morales – Triangle

Their fourth full-length album, Stir Crazy, features the high intensity New Orleans-style brass playing and virtuosity that has been a staple of the band since its inception. Put that alongside soulful and reflective grooves and you’ve got a smorgasbord of musical favour


Sundar Viswanathan – Alto and Soprano
Saxophones, Bansuri, Vocals
Felicity Williams – Vocals
Michael Occhipinti – Electric Guitar
Justin Gray – Electric Bass
Ravi Naimpally – Tabla
Max Senitt – Drums & Percussion
Todd Pentney – Piano, Synth, Rhodes

Avataar is an award-winning world-jazz group featuring a cohort of some of Toronto’s finest jazz, world, funk, and pop musicians. The music is inspired by the deep musical traditions of India, Africa and Brazil, and is rooted within the framework of modern jazz. In an innovative marriage of ancient and modern, driving grooves intersect with cinematic atmospheres and soaring melodies, creating a fresh sonic experience.

The Barry Deister Quintet

Barry Deister – Tenor Sax & Flute, Composer
Paul Mazzio – Flugelhorn
Randy Porter – Piano
Jon Lakey – Bass
Tim Rap – Drums
Lucia Atkinson – Violin 1
Emily Cole – Violin 2
Casey Bozelle – Viola
Dylan Rieck – Cello

Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Cosmo Arkestra

Live at Montreux is an album by Sun Ra recorded in the summer of 1976 at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland under the billing Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Cosmo Arkestra. It was originally issued in 1977 on the Saturn label, with hand-drawn covers and reissued in 1978 on the Inner City label, with new artwork and song titles and musicians credited. It was first issued on CD by Universe Records in Italy, with poor sound quality and the track “On Sound Infinity Spheres” faded out early by about six minutes. The later Japanese P-Vine and US Inner City CDs both use earlier source tapes and are complete and unedited.

Danny Davis: Flute, Sax (Alto)
Marshall Allen: Flute, Sax (Alto)
John Gilmore: Sax (Tenor)
Chris Capers: Trumpet
Larry Bright: Drums
Stanley Morgan: Conga
Pat Patrick: Flute, Sax (Baritone)
Ahmed Abdullah: Trumpet
June Tyson: Dancer, Vocals
James “Ham” Jackson: Bassoon, Egyptian Drum
Elo Omo: Clarinet (Bass)
Sun Ra: Moog Synthesizer, Organ, Producer, Piano
Vincent Chancey: French Horn
Clifford Jarvis: Drums
Al Evans: Trumpet
Tony Bunn: Bass (Electric)
Hayes Burnett: Double Bass

Tim Green and Massimo Magee

Abeyance was recorded 3 days after the Cyclone Trio studio sessions that produced the album The Clear Revolution (577 Records, 2021). After a 5-year break, Tim Green and Massimo Magee returned to the recording studio to revisit the improvisational investigations they had left off in Brisbane in 2014. Magee and Green are longtime collaborators, having explored multifaceted and adventurous improvised music together for more than a decade, on drums, saxophone and clarinet, with and without electronic manipulation. Abeyance is a complete free improvisation by the duo, recorded in one take and without edits or prior planning. Though entirely unpremeditated, it works with long-form structures, centred around a repeated, severely truncated phrase adapted from part of the classic ‘Epistrophy’ tune by Thelonious Monk, and traverses a wide spectrum of improvised music, from late 60s free jazz to more recent electro-acoustic developments. By tracing a path from one to the other, through various intermediate points, it makes a spontaneous attempt to embed a teleological narrative—one view of the contemporary progression of avant garde, jazz-inflected improvisation into recent times. Functionally speaking, it could be said that this re-asserts the idea of progress, a necessary step before progress can again be made. Abeyance will be available digitally via 577 Records on November 12, 2021.

Tim Green – Drums
Massimo Magee – Electro/acoustic alto saxophone, clarinet at New River Studios, London, UK

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