Aural Delights 463

  • Springtime – Will To Power
  • Bunny and the Invalid Singers – None of this Happened
  • Dave Graney and Clare Moore – A Little Water On My Bird
  • Space Museum – Tendrils
  • The Answer Lies In The Black Void – Mina
  • Jim Bower – All You Need Is Time
  • Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Big Heavy Thing
  • Bunny and the Invalid Singers – The Certainty Kids
  • Dave Graney and Clare Moore – You Had To Be Drunk
  • Space Museum – Martian Dusk
  • Big Youth – Pride and Joy Rock
  • The Sun or The Moon – Twisted Kamasutra
  • Blokeacola – Bullets and Condoms
  • Bunny and the Invalid Singers – This Is Happening
  • Dave Graney and Clare – I Came From The Clouds
  • KVRVBO – Le Fleur
  • Scatter – Biochemisty
  • Shampoo – Slow Walk Into The Ocean
  • The Answer Lies In The Black Void – Rubicon
  • Space Museum – The Mercury Shuffle
  • Snares of Sixes – MoonBladder (Edit)


Gareth Liddiard (The Drones, Tropical Fuck Storm), Jim White (Xylouris White, Dirty Three) & Chris Abrahams (The Necks) with a self-titled album. Comes out in November – got the pre-order track Will To Power which is rather marvellous, typically unhinged performance from Liddiard.

Bunny & The Invalid Singers

Mysterious Edinburgh musician releases another album of wonderful music “The Flight of the Certainty Kids”

Dave Graney and Clare Moore

From the new album Everything Was Funny and then back to 2008 for the We Wuz Curious album

Space Museum

From the new album on German Shepherd Records called “Space Tales”.

The Answer Lies In The Black Void

The duo consists of Hungarian citizen Martina Horváth (Thy Catafalque) and Dutch breakcore specialist Jurgen Köhnen (Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave, ex-The Kilimanjaro Deathjazz Ensemble, ex-Bong-Ra, and about a million other projects), united by their love of doom metal this is their debut called Forlorn.

Jim Bower

Another single from the forthcoming Life Support album. Jim says “This song was written some years ago when I had a boring job and was dreaming of a more meaningful way to spend my time – but it has morphed into a song about the ever more urgent need to act before time runs out, as we face mortality both as individuals and as a species”

Krokofant with Ståle Storløkken & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten

The fifth album from Norway’s Krokofant, with Ståle Storløkken and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten.

Many names have been mentioned in connection with Krokofant over the years, but with the distinctive sax and organ combination, it´s difficult not think of Van der Graaf Generator in their prime. Thus the expanded Krokofant is everything a progressive jazz and rock fan could wish for; positive energy, melodic riches, excellent musicianship and a touch of magic served with a healthy respect for the past and a foot in the future.”

Big Youth

From the 1972 album Screaming Target

The Sun or The Moon

The Sun or the Moon was formed in the German Rhine-Main area in late summer 2019 by four adventurous and creative musicians. They have come together to realize their sound ideas inspired by 70s Kraut and Psychedelic Rock. The quartet has already released two digital singles on popular streaming portals and have now released their debut album Cosmic on Tonzonen Records. The four musicians Frank Incense (vocals, bass, baritone guitar, electric sitar, synthesizers), George Nowak (guitar, theremin, green flute), Susanne Baum (piano and keyboards), and Niclas Ciriacy (drums and percussion) describe their sound as Psychedelic Space Lounge Music. Over an electronic foundation of repetitive machine beats and sound carpets created with modular synthesizers, the band develops hypnotic and yet danceable tracks. Since improvisation is a key element in The Sun or the Moon, no two concerts of the quartet will be alike, everything between monotonous Kraut, relaxed Psychedelic Ambient and overflowing Acid Rock is possible.


Another track from the forthcoming Canopy album.


Expanding from drawing and doodling at young age, to exploring the exciting feeling of being a DJ one day, KVRVBO found himself in the music industry after being inspired by his late brother and a few local DJs. Hailing from Duduza, East of Johannesburg, KVRVBO or Karabo Moloi is a full time creative, working as a Graphic designer & Art Director for a branding and Ad agency, DJ and Producer. The success of his earliest works led to recognition on one of South Africa’s leading radio station and releasing his first offcial track under Stay True Sounds.

Within his journey to become one of the best in the game, he has featured on a few compilations, an article feature on Red Bull, Pinnacle Pop and collaborated with the likes of Kid Fonque, Intr0beatz(Iceland), DR.1MORE, Billowjazz, Jazzuelle, Rephlex, Zito Mowa, Radic Da Myth, Messive Musik, Jus Tadi(Austria), SMBD, and more.

Also released music under renowned labels like Stay True Sounds, Ambious Records, Closer to Truth(UK), Garden Groove, Just Move Records and Rogue Decibels.


Something new from Everlasting Records. ‘Biochemistry’ is the new single from Scatter (Erik Bergqvist of Victorian Tin).


From a new EP titled Katarsis (=Catharsis). Shampoo is an up and coming producer currently based in the Brits but has also been seen high on empire states (Brooklyn) and slowly walking into the ocean in Tokyo. Lots to come from this young talent. Keep your eyes peeled!

Snares of Sixes

MoonBladder is the sophomore album by soundscape artists SNARES OF SIXES. A collective of ever-evolving artists and musicians led by Jason Walton, the ensemble paints with a wide brush yet creates highly detailed and intricate music that lends itself to deep listening and patience.

A single piece clocking in at 29:28, MoonBladder dips its pen in the electronics of mid-period Ulver, ambient/noise, meditations on field recordings and guitar, as well as cavernous vocal passages. I have included an edit of the track

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