Aural Delights on the Overflow 26

Matthew Hopkins "Love Don't Do Logic" singleFiled Fangs "(I Am A) Utopian" singleMoss Skellington "The Lump" from The LumpSteve Von Till "Dreams Of Trees" from No Wilderness Deep EnoughDusker "Leo" from EP IITaiwan Housing Project "Downy Hump" from Sub-Language TrusteesBlack Mountain "Behind The Fall" from Black Mountain Malcolm Hill and Live Flesh "Eyes That Stare … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 26

World of Jazz 397

Tony Davis "Golden Year" from Golden Year (Posi-tone) 00:00Felice Clemente Quartet "Mino Legacy" from Mino Legacy (Crocevia Di Suoni) 05:12No Base Trio "EXT VIII" from No Base Trio (Setola di Maiale) 11:57Benjamín Vergara & Ben Bennett " Distance Is Not Matter of Centimeters" from Birds of our Abyss (Orbit577) 25:30Camila Nebbia "Las Manos" from Aura … Continue reading World of Jazz 397

Aural Delights on the Overflow 25

Four Candles "Trouble in Paradise" unreleasedBlack Limousine "Vampire" singleMight "Vampire" from MightAlain Johannes "Mermaids Scream" from Hum Jaye Jayle "Don't Blame The Rain" from PrisynManu Arteaga "Fractured Town" from PortraitsMayflower Madame "Sacred Core" from Prepared For A NightmareKing Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard "Honey" singleThe Lapin D'Amour "Humans" singleJoe Ghatt "Mammon" from Banana SludgeNo Base … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 25

Aural Delights 400

Black Limousine "Vampire" singleFour Candles "Trouble in Paradise" unreleasedJaye Jayle "Don't Blame The Rain" from PrisynMight "Possession" from MightMoff Skellington "March of the Idiot Species" from A Comet Full of PigeonsDave Graney 'n' The White Buffaloes "I'll Set The Scene" from My Life on the PlainsKa Fu "Red Coffee" singleJaye Jayle "The River Spree" from … Continue reading Aural Delights 400

Aural Delights on the Overflow 24

Loudhailer Electric Company "Silver" - NexusThe New Fools "Sunday night at the humdrum palladium" - SingleThe Asteroid No. 4 "The After Glow" - SingleThe City Gates "Siegfried 1969" - SingleThe Vapour Trails "Dr. Barnes" - Golden SunshineKammahav "Thirty 4" - SingleBikini Test Failure "Are We Having A Good Time Yet?" - SingleWolfhounds "Can't See The … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 24

World of Jazz 395

Jorma Tapio & Kaski "Siltasalmi" from Aliseen (577 Records) 00:00Øyvind Skarbø, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Kris Davis, Ole Morten Vagan "Truffle Pigs And Katmandu Stray Dogs" from Inland Empire (Clean Feed) 07:09BROM - Dmitry Lapshin, Anton Ponomarev, Felix Mikensky, Yaroslav Kurilo "Simple Story" from Dance With An Idiot (Trost Records) 16:47Felice Clemente "Harlem Nocturne" from Solo (Crocevia … Continue reading World of Jazz 395

Aural Delights 399

Loudhailer Electric Company "Weatherbird" from NexusAlain Johannes "Mermaids Scream" from HumBikini Test Failure "Are We Having A Good Time Yet?" SingleMoff Skellington "Being Lost And Not Caring At All" from A Comet Full Of PigeonsDave Graney 'n' The White Buffaloes "Nobody's Gonna Love You" from My Life On The PlainsElm "Hellhound" from The WaitKammahav "Thirty … Continue reading Aural Delights 399

World of Jazz 394

Art Hirahara "Like Water" from Balance Point (Posi-tone) 00:00Melissa Aldana "El Castillo de Velenje" from Visions (Motéma Music) 09:07Rudy Royston "Soul Train" from Flatbed Buggy (Greenleaf) 18:36Joe Martin "Malida" from Étoilée (Sunnyside) 28:40Kate Amrine "Skin (Version for Trumpet & Electronics)" from This Is My Letter to the World (Innova) 39:14Krzysia Górniak "Strawberry Kisses" from Memories … Continue reading World of Jazz 394

World of Jazz 393

Vanessa Perica Orchestra "Woody's Lament" from Love is a Temporary Madness (Self Released) 00:00Tom Rainey Trio "Home Opener" from Pool School (Clean Feed) 09:52Dan Pocetti "Introducción a la noche inducida" from Retoñar (ears&eyes) 15:42Noshir Mody "Radha" from An Idealist's Handbook (Self Released) 22:26Terje Rypdal "Ambiguity" from Chaser (ECM) 30:19Vanessa Perica Orchestra "Saint Lazare" from Love … Continue reading World of Jazz 393

World of Jazz 390

widge Whit Dickey Trio "Desert Flower" from Expanding Light (Tao Forms) 00:00Matthew Shipp "Piano Equation" from The Piano Equation (Tao Forms) 09:19Rob Brown Trio "Sounds I Archaeology" from Sounds (Clean Feed) 14:58Ivo Perelman, Nate Wooley, Brandon Lopez, Gerald Cleaver "Part 2" from Octagon (Leo Records) 27:45 David S. Ware "Dao Forms" from Dao (Homestead Records) … Continue reading World of Jazz 390