Hermes Slips The Trap

Exploratory digital imprint Pax Aeternum presents the second album from electronic/ambient project Interstitia, Hermes Slips The Trap. Asheville, North Carolina resident Graham Scala is a punk/hardcore musician who plays with Harmonic Cross, Bleach Everything, Collapse Culture, Arepo, USX, Souvenirs Young America, Highness, Forensics, and many other bands also featured on his resume which now spans … Continue reading Hermes Slips The Trap

Aimless Dread

Pax Aeternum presents the debut album from Philadelphia hardcore/noise rock solo outfit, END YOU, titled Aimless Dread. It's not uncommon for punks approaching the golden years of their later thirties to undertake a solo project. They might want to indulge their sensitive singer-songwriter side, they might have gotten really into DJing house music, or they … Continue reading Aimless Dread