Beginning with fragmented sounds and assorted improvisations collected from friends in Paris, Barcelona and Santiago, composer Matias Riquelme arranged a collection of tracks for his new conceptual album, 7. During quarantine, Riquelme requested that his fellow musicians send in home recordings of their experimental performances, and received contributions on violin, guitar, cello, drums, piano and … Continue reading 7

Playfield Vol. 1

The first volume from the debut three-album trilogy PLAYFIELD, offers the musical equivalent of a walk through New York, meandering through the city’s conflicts, unparalleled diversity and mutual harmony. After years of playing improvised shows in small clubs and smaller apartments from Brooklyn to Harlem, the pandemic brought spontaneous collaboration between diverse musicians to an … Continue reading Playfield Vol. 1

The Unexpected Visitor

Meeting for the first time as an acoustic duo in their collaborative album, The Unexpected Visitor, UK-based musicians Gus Garside and Hervé Perez explore the musical interpretations of a 13th Century Poem, “The Guest House” by Rumi. The album captures a series of improvisations played between March and May 2020, before and during the official UK lockdowns, some … Continue reading The Unexpected Visitor

Walk My Way

A five-volume compilation, featuring experimental guitar players from all over the globe, released digitally and also as a limited edition CD Walk My Way, a five-volume compilation album, is a fervently collective project in a time of individuation, testament to both the incredible musical range of the guitar, as well as the imaginative possibility of … Continue reading Walk My Way

Improvisations Vol. I

In a meditative ode to the silence that overcame New York City during its lockdown in early 2020, Michael Sarian and Matthew Putman collaborated on an album that would disrupt and honor the quiet. Deprived of their previously-consistent opportunities to perform live music at the height of lockdown, they turned to each other, collaborating in … Continue reading Improvisations Vol. I