Tarmu Jazz Qaurtet

Eldad Tarmu is one of the most original vibraphonists in jazz, an improviser with his own sound and approach both as an improviser and a composer. His new album "Tarmu Jazz Quartet", a group with alto saxophonist Adam Hutcheson, bassist Sam Bevan, and drummer Cengiz Baysal, delivers nine rhythmically adventurous yet accessible pieces, mixing together … Continue reading Tarmu Jazz Qaurtet

March On

Drummer/composer Tomas Fujiwara’s unique sextet Triple Double returns with an epic 30+-minute improvisation culled from the sessions for 2022’s acclaimed March album. The download-only release March On – available March 3, 2023 via Bandcamp – features drummers Fujiwara and Gerald Cleaver, guitarists Mary Halvorson and Brandon Seabrook, and trumpet/cornet players Ralph Alessi and Taylor Ho … Continue reading March On

A Thousand Pebbles

In the expansive universe of the Ben Rosenblum Nebula Project, musical traditions collide and commingle, ignite and recombine, coalescing into strikingly expressive new forms. A pianist, accordionist and composer whose music flows from his boundless curiosity and gift for forging passionate creative alliances, Rosenblum has carved out a singular niche on the New York scene … Continue reading A Thousand Pebbles


William Carn is one of Canada’s leading contemporary jazz trombonists and composers. Together with his wife, saxophonist Tara Davidson, he has released three critically acclaimed albums with their Juno nominated band Carn Davidson 9 (featured on World of Jazz 469). He is also a member of Ernesto Cervini’s Juno winning six-piece group Turboprop. Choices - … Continue reading Choices


‘Furthered’ is the new album by Alex Ward Item 4. The quartet's music is the fullest realization of Ward's long-standing desire to create a context where composition can coexist with improvisation. Given a line-up which would be perfectly capable of creating compelling music without recourse to pre-written elements at all, Ward's compositions aim to function … Continue reading Furthered

Hail Star Of The Sea!

Recorded on a cellphone from March - September 2021, Hail Star of the Sea! is equal parts composed and improvised. A sonic pilgrimage of plucked and bowed guitars, embroidered with bells, bowls, and rattling rosaries, drenched in droning organ and harmonium. These tones are accompanied by the shrieking of a scraped and attacked untuned violin, … Continue reading Hail Star Of The Sea!

Van Gogh’s Ear for Music EP

More music from the fertile fingers of Andy Goz (Salem Trials, Legless Trials, Lucy & The Drill Holes, clickBAITERS etc). The first of many releases coming up either direct from Bandcamp or via Metal Postcard in future weeks. This one is from the Neon Kittens part of Andy's workspace and features four new tracks. The … Continue reading Van Gogh’s Ear for Music EP