The Clear Revolution

The Clear Revolution,’ the latest release from the Cyclone Trio, is inspired by musical geometry, the symbolism of each shape ascribed to one of three tracks: the Circle representing a feeling of bottomless exploration, the triangular Trinsophile as a lover of threefold wisdom, and the unfinished square pointing to the four Cardinal directions. Despite the … Continue reading The Clear Revolution

Earth Voices

Merging the deep, powerful messages of poetry with adventurous modern jazz, Toronto-based pianist/composer Amanda Tosoff leads a hybrid ensemble with strings and seven rotating vocalists on Earth Voices, the follow-up to her Juno Award-nominated 2016 release Words (“a grand achievement” – CBC Radio). The album is being released by Empress Music Group, a label and … Continue reading Earth Voices

Rites of Lunacy

Repetition and drone is at the heart of this one. A dark atmospheric minimal sound is the key with Dreamweapon creating a swirling groove via oscillating synth drones , ghostly vocals, deeply reverbed percussion and throbbing pulses which echo minimalist masters and spaced out rock vibes. Imagine Suicide in bed with La Monte Young and … Continue reading Rites of Lunacy

The Unexpected Visitor

Meeting for the first time as an acoustic duo in their collaborative album, The Unexpected Visitor, UK-based musicians Gus Garside and Hervé Perez explore the musical interpretations of a 13th Century Poem, “The Guest House” by Rumi. The album captures a series of improvisations played between March and May 2020, before and during the official UK lockdowns, some … Continue reading The Unexpected Visitor


A collaboration between Dead Sea Apes, Black Tempest and Adam Stone achieved mainly through internet data transfer during the Covid lockdown of 2020. Insistent, evolving electronic sounds encounter a variety of guitars and percussion, from the clockwork kosmische of 'Lost Hours' to the stumbling noise dub of 'Shop Soiled', while Adam Stone's words meditate on … Continue reading Dataland

Walk My Way

A five-volume compilation, featuring experimental guitar players from all over the globe, released digitally and also as a limited edition CD Walk My Way, a five-volume compilation album, is a fervently collective project in a time of individuation, testament to both the incredible musical range of the guitar, as well as the imaginative possibility of … Continue reading Walk My Way