Samba de Maracatu

On February 26, the venerated multi-instrumentalist and composer Joe Chambers releases Samba de Maracatu, a notable Blue Note Records return for a significant figure in the label’s history. The album is a nine-song set of original compositions, standards, and pieces by Wayne Shorter, Bobby Hutcherson, and Horace Silver. In the mid-to-late 1960s, Chambers played drums … Continue reading Samba de Maracatu

Baker’s Circle

After last year’s successful big band outing, Blue Soul, guitarist Dave Stryker is back with his hard-driving, deep grooving B3 organ group on his new recording—Baker’s Circle. With the addition of cutting-edge tenor player Walter Smith III, Baker’s Circle features Stryker’s originals as well as a couple Eight Track gems and a tip of the … Continue reading Baker’s Circle

The Secret Handshake with Danger, Volume One

The Secret Handshake with Danger, Volume One features five musicians - Binker Golding on Saxophones, Henry Kaiser on Guitar, N.O. Moore on Guitar, Olie Brice on Double Bass and Eddie Prévost on Drums. The promotional material suggests that album’s two extended tracks are largely influenced by Miles Davis’s On The Corner electro-jazz era, which there … Continue reading The Secret Handshake with Danger, Volume One

Playfield Vol. 1

The first volume from the debut three-album trilogy PLAYFIELD, offers the musical equivalent of a walk through New York, meandering through the city’s conflicts, unparalleled diversity and mutual harmony. After years of playing improvised shows in small clubs and smaller apartments from Brooklyn to Harlem, the pandemic brought spontaneous collaboration between diverse musicians to an … Continue reading Playfield Vol. 1

Live in the Metaverse (to Evan Parker and John Coltrane)

UK-based musician Massimo Magee is relatively certain that this was the first free jazz concert made in a virtual venue. His innovative new album, Live in the Metaverse (to Evan Parker and John Coltrane), is defined by this sense of confident and playful originality. Magee recorded this performance by streaming live into a room called … Continue reading Live in the Metaverse (to Evan Parker and John Coltrane)