Know, Say or See

Benny Rubin, Jr, a talented tenor and alto-saxophonist, made a strong impression with his debut release What’s Next. His second set as a leader, Know Say Or See, covers a lot of ground and features the saxophonist at his best at the head of a talented young quartet comprised of pianist Lex Korten, bassist Adam … Continue reading Know, Say or See

Diverso Lontano Incomprensibile

Diverso Lontano Incomprensibile which can be translated as "Different, distant and incomprehensible” is the latest album by Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, which was released on September 4th 2020 by Artesuono . This is a recording that follows many years of study , with an entirely unique approach by the singer, who is also the author of … Continue reading Diverso Lontano Incomprensibile

Vitriol and the Third Oraculum

These live recordings capture Tony Irving (from legendary UK group Ascension) & Massimo Magee (up-and-coming writer, artist, and musician based in London) in full, incendiary flight on two dates in their early 2019 UK duo tour. The music is informed strongly by the free jazz tradition coupled with urgency and insistence that reflects the contemporary … Continue reading Vitriol and the Third Oraculum

Save Our Hearts

Canadian First Nations songstress Madisyn Whajne releases debut album 'Save Our Hearts' Essentially straight driving guitars and semi-gritty pop/power/punk rhythm attack, topped off with vocals radiating a sunny surfer pop vibe - mines a history of pop chord sequences to deliver a cross between Buzzcocks and Runaways. Whajne is pronounced Wayne. Released 11 December 2020 … Continue reading Save Our Hearts

Music For Resistance Fantasies

Brooklyn, New York-based ambient/experimental solo outfit Megalophobe has released Music For Resistance Fantasies, a cinematic soundscape and backing score created for a live dance performance which took place in 2019. Megalophobe is the solo venture of Benjamin Levitt, and is composed primarily of effects-laden ambient and experimental accordion passages joined with elements of vocals, guitars, … Continue reading Music For Resistance Fantasies

The Infinity Line

Chicago-based artist of1000faces presents his new album 'The Infinity Line', previewed by the title track. The clever new video was created by film director Patrick Buhr. This long-play is the second in his expansive instrumental 'Monomyyth' trilogy, following his 'Astronomica' album. of1000faces is the solo project of Matt Walker, a renowned drummer and producer … Continue reading The Infinity Line

Some Hidden Treasure

In her debut release Some Hidden Treasure, Alicia Waller delivers four original songs that present a wide-ranging exploration of American music. She calls the record “an experiment about the spaces in between.” Some Hidden Treasure weaves globally inspired jazz with soul, soul with R&B, and R&B with spirituals and the blues, plus a nod to … Continue reading Some Hidden Treasure

Improvisations Vol. I

In a meditative ode to the silence that overcame New York City during its lockdown in early 2020, Michael Sarian and Matthew Putman collaborated on an album that would disrupt and honor the quiet. Deprived of their previously-consistent opportunities to perform live music at the height of lockdown, they turned to each other, collaborating in … Continue reading Improvisations Vol. I