Different Noises 3

Another eclectic mix of new music that there was not space for on my radio shows. There is material  from Owl, Ryan McGregor, Jeff Gburek, Anatomy of Habit, BIG|BRAVE, Clouds Taste Satanic, TFS, Tomistoma, eLa, Eugene Chadbourne, Fella Cederbaum, and, Robert Forster. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/yzei4n/DifferentNoises3.mp3 Owl - A King For Every Mountain - Geomancy :  The band  … Continue reading Different Noises 3

Black Openings

Long-running experimental post-punk/doom outfit Anatomy of Habit release their fourth album, Black Openings, on February 24th. The follow-up to their 2021-22 album, Even If It Takes A Lifetime, was recorded with Sanford Parker, who has been working with the band in the studio for over a decade, including on their 2014 Relapse Records-issued Ciphers + … Continue reading Black Openings

World of Jazz 562

On this show a look at a selection of varied and exciting new releases from Emilio Teubal, Alex Ward Item 4, William Carn, Ben Rosenbloom, Jan Bunnett & Maqueque, and Nick Maclean Quartet. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/ukk4na/World_of_Jazz_562_Podcast89ltc.mp3 Show Intro 00:00Emilio Teubal "Futuro" from Futuro (Self Released) 00:47Alex Ward Item 4 "Cypherned" from Furthered (577 Records) 05:26William Carn "The … Continue reading World of Jazz 562

Aural Delights on the Overflow 155

This week new releases from The Russell Club, 2 Lost Souls, The Freqs, Don Husky & Subatomic Sound System, Dubmatix, Buffalo Killers and Promenade Cinema. In addition a dip in the archive for music from Dave Graney and the mistLY, Pray TV, Okkervill River, and The Fall. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/r9vf3m/ADRG155_-_190220136qb6h.mp3 The Russell Club - January Sales - … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 155

World of Jazz 561

On this show lots of new and recent releases and a couple of tracks from Marty Ehrlich's back catalogue. Featured new releases are from Aka Moon, Jackson Welchner, Sylvain Kassap, Ambient Monkeys, Bob Himmelberger Trio, Doug McDonald, Jay Lawrence, SoSaLa, and Tony Kadleck. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/p2xvj2/World_of_Jazz_561_Podcast9pxfm.mp3 SHOW NOTES AND PLAYLIST Aka Moon - Quality of Joy - … Continue reading World of Jazz 561

World of Jazz 560

On this show variety is the name of the game with a selection of new releases from Matt Greenwood, Nicholas Brust, Astroturf Noise, The Necks, Falkner Evans, Alex Weiss, Tomer Cohen, and Diego Rivera https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/vj93tm/World_of_Jazz_560_Podcasta45ss.mp3 Show Intro 00:00Matt Greenwood "Dehyah" from Atlas (Self Released) 00:43Nicholas Brust "The Absence of You" from Daybreak (Outside In Music) … Continue reading World of Jazz 560

Aural Delights On The Overflow 154

This week new releases from Filed Fangs, 2 Lost Souls, Elk City, K Board and the Skreens, Michael Plater, Genetic Drugs Feat. SoSaLa, Dubmatix, Fågelle, and Obelyskkh , plus my usual dip into the Dave Graney discography and a track marking the passing of Tom Verlaine. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/jpz8xq/ADRG154_-_120220236xp6v.mp3 Television - See No Evil - Marquee Moon … Continue reading Aural Delights On The Overflow 154

World of Jazz 559

On this show recent releases from Skip Grasso, Eldad Tarmu, Jim Witzel, Diego Rivera, and Trevor Tomkins Sextant. Also a dip in the archive for music from Jane Ira Bloom, Agustí Fernández, and, Oliver Schwerdt with Baby Sommer and Barry Guy https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/vm2jy4/World_of_Jazz_559_Podcast8gxm1.mp3 Skip Grasso - Don't Forget - Becoming ( Barking Coda Music) : Skip … Continue reading World of Jazz 559

Manchester Meltdown Bids Farewell

8th April will see an all day musical feast of unique and diverse talents including a goodbye performance from Four Candles and at only £10 a no-brainer for Manchester (and beyond) music fans. Event creator Ian Moss is hanging up his live performing microphone after a lifetime of being at the cutting edge of the … Continue reading Manchester Meltdown Bids Farewell

Aural Delights On The Overflow 153

Featuring music from The Dream Syndicate, Neon Kittens, Dave Graney and the MistLY, Fågelle, Port, 2 Lost Souls, eLa, Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys, and Salem Trials. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/dtxdg7/ADRG153_-_05022023bhpy9.mp3 The Dream Syndicate - Tell Me When Its Over - The Days Of Wine And Roses (2001 Reissue) - debut full length album from 1982 - … Continue reading Aural Delights On The Overflow 153