If you would like me to either feature music on my radio shows or on this blog I will need MP3 versions of your release. It is preferable if they are meta-labelled.

Please do not send You Tube or Spotify or any type of streaming links as they are of no use to me as I would have to record those to put them in the show and I just don’t have the time to do that. Please don’t offer CDs either as I have no space left!!

I have not got the capacity or equipment to broadcast interviews or live music features.

I receive hundreds of submissions each week and I do try to listen to every one but it is not always possible to answer every message I get due to other commitments. If you have not heard back from me within 2 weeks of sending me a message you can assume I am not going to be featuring the music.

Please do not send repeat messages on the same item as they get deleted immediately.

As a general rule I am after music that sounds different, hence the title of this blog. Please bear that in mind.

Drop me a line