World of Jazz 450

Axel Filip "Repleto de raices" from Sendero (eyes&ears) 00:00El Devinir Del Rio "Jardín incierto" from Invocación (eyes&ears) 05:59 Hank Roberts Sextet "SAT / SUN PA TU X" from Science of Love (Sunnyside) 16:16La Disidencia de las Máquinas "Cierre de oficio" from Imago (eyes&ears) 24:33Leo Genovese, Mariano Otero, Sergio Verdinelli "Battle of Adwa" from Trio Sin … Continue reading World of Jazz 450

Ritmos de Agua

In Ritmos de Agua, longtime friends and jazz musicians Leo Genovese, Mariano Otero, and Sergio Verdinelli explore the power and potentiality of water. Contextualizing their aesthetic inspirations within the historical and the metaphorical, the 12 tracks allude to the very tangible rise of civilizations, rich natural ecologies and the singular fluidity of water that moves … Continue reading Ritmos de Agua

World of Jazz 419

Gabriel Vicéns "The Way We Are Created" from The Way We Are Created (Inner Circle Music) 00:00Derupeto "Vanessa" from Derupeto (Nobelrecords) 10:18Mach 6 "Si Annida" from Take Off (EYS/DDE Records) 17:51Joe Bowden "Doodlin'" from Roots : Tales of the Urban Yoda (Self Released) 26:03Leo Genovese, Mariano Otero, Sergio Verdinelli "Blues" from Sin Tiempo (ears&eyes) 30:24Maximiliano … Continue reading World of Jazz 419

World of Jazz 387

Verneri Pohjola "Monograph" from The Dead Don't Dream (Edition) 00:00William Parker "The Golden Light "(Hymn) from Trencadis (Aum Fidelity) 08:31Jared Gold "You Haven't Done Nothing" from Tales Of Wonder - A Jazz Celebration Of Stevie (Posi-tone) 13:02Sergio Verdinelli "Bajasaun" from No Me Digas Loco (ears&eyes records) 18:13Tigran Hamasyan "World Passion" from World Passion (Plus Loin … Continue reading World of Jazz 387