Aural Delights 400

Black Limousine "Vampire" singleFour Candles "Trouble in Paradise" unreleasedJaye Jayle "Don't Blame The Rain" from PrisynMight "Possession" from MightMoff Skellington "March of the Idiot Species" from A Comet Full of PigeonsDave Graney 'n' The White Buffaloes "I'll Set The Scene" from My Life on the PlainsKa Fu "Red Coffee" singleJaye Jayle "The River Spree" from … Continue reading Aural Delights 400

Aural Delights 399

Loudhailer Electric Company "Weatherbird" from NexusAlain Johannes "Mermaids Scream" from HumBikini Test Failure "Are We Having A Good Time Yet?" SingleMoff Skellington "Being Lost And Not Caring At All" from A Comet Full Of PigeonsDave Graney 'n' The White Buffaloes "Nobody's Gonna Love You" from My Life On The PlainsElm "Hellhound" from The WaitKammahav "Thirty … Continue reading Aural Delights 399

Aural Delights on the Overflow 22

Wire "Boiling Boy" from 10:20Frank Zappa and The Mothers "Red Tubular Lighter" from The Mothers 1970Golden Plates "The Six Million Dollar Manchild" from Unplugged with the Bourbon Tabernacle OrchestraThe Third Kind "Man vs. Earth" from Man vs. EarthA Shoreline Dream "Seek To Hide" from MeltingThe New Fools "Another Way of Thinking" from The Lockdown SessionsSei … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 22

Aural Delights 397

Wire "German Shepherds" from 10:20Mark Corrin "Aromatherapy" from Fabled ShoreThe Residents "Bury my Bone" from Metal, Meat and BoneFrank Zappa and The Mothers "Portugese Fenders" from The Mothers 1970Sei Still "El Camino" from Sei StillDave Graney & Clare Moore "I Wanna Get Lost Again" from Hashish & LiquorElm "A Storm Is Coming" from The WaitRobert … Continue reading Aural Delights 397