World of Jazz 512

On this show brand new releases from The Chris Parker Trio, Craig Davis, Miro Sobrer, Francisco Mela & Zoh Amba, Jim McNeely and the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra featuring Chris Potter, the trio of Ben Monder, Tony Malaby and Tom Rainey, and a preview track from a new album from Dave Douglas. Show Intro 00:00The … Continue reading World of Jazz 512

Aural Delights on the Overflow 131 Show Intro 00:002 Lost Souls - Mechanical Heart 00:45Contemplator - Rite of Shards 05:58 Lathe - Vinegar 13:52Pink Turns Blue - Not Even Trying 19:35Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci - Until We Meet Again 24:27Danny Short - Burning Embers 30:32Dave Graney - The Brother Who Lived 34:06A Shoreline Dream - Alarms Stop Ringing … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 131

World of Jazz 511

On this show a look at Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, plus music from Charlie Haden, James Davis' Beveled, Julian Priester working with Sam Rivers, the Schlippenbach Quartet, Marco Eneidi in the company of William Parker and Donald Robinson, a rare recording from 1966, and a fascinating brand new piece from Camila Nebbia. Show Intro 00:00Kalaparusha … Continue reading World of Jazz 511

World of Jazz 510

On this show all new releases from Cliff Korman, Ernesto Jodos, Matias Formica, Rocío Giménez López, & Matthew Golombisky, Xiomara Torres, Shawn Lovato, Julia Hülsmann Quartet, and, Jessica Pavone, Lukas Koenig, & Matt Mottel. Show Intro 00:00Cliff Korman Trio "Gaudaloupe" from Brasilified (Tiger Turn) 00:52Ernesto Jodos "Creo, Miente, Nunca" from Dónde el mundo ocurre … Continue reading World of Jazz 510

Aural Delights on the Overflow 130 Show Intro 00:002 Lost Souls - No Bite 00:45Salem Trials - Are We The Baddies? 06:16Scenius - High Low 08:26The Khats - Two Cats 12:53Religious Overdose - Control Addicts 15:53High Castle Teleorkestra - The Aramchek Accusation 19:55The Sons of Adam - Mr Sun (Live) 23:52Dave Graney - Land of the Giants 26:37The Mind Sweepers … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 130

World of Jazz 509

For this show a focus on George Russell, Peter Brötzmann, Jaki Byard and Jackie McLean Show Intro 00:00George Russell; Swedish Radio Jazz Orchestra "Event 1" from Vertical Form VI (Soul Note) 00:39Peter Brötzmann, Lisle Ellis, Marco Eneidi, Jackson Krall "No. 1" from Live At The Spruce Street Forum (Botticelli Records) 10:08Jackie McLean "Blue Rondo" … Continue reading World of Jazz 509

World of Jazz 508

An international mix with a newly discovered live recording of Tim Berne's Decay group, a trio of releases from the Circum-Disc label, two new albums the ears&eyes label and a fascinating blend of American jazz and Eastern India's ragas from Charu Suri. Show Intro 00:00Ryan Ferreira, Michael Formanek, Ches Smith, Tim Berne "The Fantastic … Continue reading World of Jazz 508

Aural Delights on the Overflow 129

On this show excellent new releases from 2 Lost Souls, Staggs, Salem Trials, Ordrej Zajac, Grace Solero, Lucy and the The Drill Holes, The Parasite and White Hills. Also I have a couple of tracks marking the passing of Mark Wilkins of The Astronauts and a live track from Dave Graney 2 Lost Souls … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 129

World of Jazz 505

On this show a focus on the work of both Ben Allison and Peter Brötzmann. I have new albums from Adam Nolan and Ondrej Zajac and a classic track from George Russell. Show Intro 00:00Ben Allison "Enter The Dragon" from Layers of the City (Sonic Camera Records) 00:38Peter Brötzmann, Fred van Hove, Han Bennink … Continue reading World of Jazz 505