Aural Delights 459 Adventures of Salvador - Skin 'n' BonesDave Graney and Clare Moore - Everything Was FunnyEaster - Suicidal KissLee "Scratch" Perry - DreadlockLost Dog Street Band - Shady GroveThe Speed of Sound - Opium EyesThe Nearlys - VanessaJim Bower - Can of WormsDave Graney and Clare Moore - Wilco got no WilcoEaster - Pixel PrincessLee … Continue reading Aural Delights 459

Aural Delights 458 Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher - Look Behind You Look AgainKim Salmon - Let's All Get DestroyedThe Moodists - Other ManBrian Eaton - Trans Neptunian DustBob Andy - Lots Of Love And IBouquet of Dead Crows - Standing On The PrecipiceCiccada - Eniania (Keepers of the Midnight Harvest)Deafheaven - MombasaHarry Stafford and Marco Butcher … Continue reading Aural Delights 458

Aural Delights 456

Listen to the show on Podcasts Umbrella Assassins - Trophic Cascade - King of Fruit Vol. 2Michael James Pollard and Sioux Goddard - Have I Left It Much Too Late - RevolutionThe Moodists - Take the Red Carpet Out of Town - Two Fisted Art (1980 - 1986)Fabels - Takko - MindsThe Mind - Voices … Continue reading Aural Delights 456

Aural Delights 447

Hour One Hour Two HOUR ONE2 Lost Souls - Qanon - Single (2021) It has been a prolific years for 2 Lost Souls.....a morality tale!Dave Graney and the mistLY - Saturday Night Bath - Single (2021)Recorded at RMIT TV studios. A new version of a song originally recorded in 2005 for the double album HASHISH … Continue reading Aural Delights 447

Aural Delights 421

Royal Horses "A modern man's way to improve" from A Modern Man's Way to ImproveThe Red Propellers "Peace Comes To Shove" from Peace Comes To ShoveCristina Vane "Half Moon Baby" from The Magnolia SessionsDave Graney & The MistLy "I Don't Wanna Know Myself (Demo Version)" from You've Been in My Mind (2015 Expanded Edition)Yes "Starship … Continue reading Aural Delights 421

Aural Delights 412

Filed Fangs - ChaffAdele & The Chandeliers - TreasureGrant McLennan - Ice In HeavenRobert Forster - Falling StarThe Royal Dave Graney Show - The Brother Who LivedAlison Cotton - How My Heart Bled in Bleeding Heart YardAlien Mustangs - DarklandsBig Mama Thornton - Before Day (Big Mama's Blues)Klammer - I Don't Know What Love IsAdele … Continue reading Aural Delights 412

Aural Delights on the Overflow 28

Sugar "Helpless" from Copper BlueMoff Skellington "A Stroll Through the Galaxy at Twilight" from A Slapstick LifeStu Thomas Paradox "Rebuild My Head" from Counting To InfinityAdventures of Salvador "I Wrote A Pop Song" from Pop Song EPGolden Plates "Oxytocin" singleVictorian Tin "Above our heads" singleVintage Crop "Gridlock" from Serve to Serve AgainKammahav "MLIRIR" from RepeatGreen … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 28

Aural Delights 395

2 Lost Souls - Don't You Call It LoveCrooked Heart - Stupid PrizesDominic Carlton Jones - German BombersThe Red Propellers - Lucky SevenThe Right Side of Reason - Blue Sky (Grey Sky Remix)Elm - KingsnakePeter Hammill - In the EndCrooked Heart - The ConnectionsThe Red Propellers - Trance EndDave Graney, Clare Moore, Robin Casinader - … Continue reading Aural Delights 395

Aural Delights 394

WIDGET Crab Dance GIs - Stage FrightMoff Skellington - Gaslit MoonjellyStu Thomas - Light and ShadowThe Red Propellers - ShadowsAnja Garbarek - Her RoomGeorgio "The Dove" Valentino - BoundGridfailure - Stoking The EmbersNaujawanan Baider - Peshak-e SiyahPeter Hammill - Friday AfternoonDave Graney, Clare Moore, Robin Casinader - The Birds and the GoatsDave Graney, Clare Moore, … Continue reading Aural Delights 394

Aural Delights 393

The Red Propellers - JoeyWest Coast Sick Line - Printing PlanetsMelenas - No Puedo PensarNest Egg - D.B. CooperOku & AK7 - A Slum Dweller DeclaresPeter Hammill - TorporLoudhailer Electric Company - As My Sun Continues To SetThe Wild Blue - Anonymous FutureGraney, Moore, Casinader - You Need A Kleek KlookGraney, Moore, Casinader - Night … Continue reading Aural Delights 393