World of Jazz 386

Dave Douglas "See Me Now" from Dizzy Atmosphere (Greenleaf) 00:00Nicholas Krolak "Stargazer II" from Voice = Power (Next Level) 05:55Paradoxical Frog "Union" from Union (Clean Feed) 12:07Michael Formanek "The Dark Side" from The Dark Side (Bandcamp) 22:55Dave Douglas "Pacific"from Dizzy Atmosphere (Greenleaf) 31:22Nicholas Krolak "3" from Voice = Power (Next Level)  40:38Paul Flaherty, Randall Colbourne, … Continue reading World of Jazz 386

Live At Willimantic Records

The American debut release from Lao Dan, China’s emerging free player on bamboo flute, suona and alto saxophone. Dan’s voice is starkly unique, even among the blurred lines of international Improv/Jazz. He’s steeped in native traditions yet eagerly obliterates those boundaries with ecstatic intensity and haunting melodies. His dense reedy, drones and jagged melodic shrieks … Continue reading Live At Willimantic Records