World of Jazz 446

Sons of Kemet "Think of Hope" from Black to the Future (Impulse!) 00:00Andrés Elstein "Busca Misterio" from Familia (ears&eyes) 04:40Slowly Rolling Camera "You Are The Truth" from Where The Streets Lead (Edition Records) 15:07William Parker "Happiness" from Painters Winter (AUM Fidelity) 20:20Matias Riquelme "A Cello Cog" from 7 (577 Records) 33:16Sons of Kemet "Throughout The … Continue reading World of Jazz 446


Beginning with fragmented sounds and assorted improvisations collected from friends in Paris, Barcelona and Santiago, composer Matias Riquelme arranged a collection of tracks for his new conceptual album, 7. During quarantine, Riquelme requested that his fellow musicians send in home recordings of their experimental performances, and received contributions on violin, guitar, cello, drums, piano and … Continue reading 7