World of Jazz 470

On this show we travel around the world to hear some of the latest jazz records from the USA Europe, Russia, South America, and Israel. Ground-breaking new releases push the boundaries of the music creating a variety of fresh and in some cases unexpected sounds. Mareike Wiening "Seesaw March" from Future Memories (Greenleaf) 00:00Agustín … Continue reading World of Jazz 470

World of Jazz 459 Benjamin Deschamps "Unfinished Business" from Augmented Reality (Self Released) 00:00Ed Neumeister Quartet "Riverwalk" from What Have I Done? (MeisteroMusic Records) 06:40Paulo Santo "As she swings, as a po(o)p song" from Agueda (Robalo) 13:21Takatsuki Trio Quartett with Tobias Delius and Axel Dörner "With Axel Dörner (Edit)" from Berliner Quartette (577 Records) 18:59Brandee Younger "Spirit U … Continue reading World of Jazz 459

World of Jazz 431

Hector "Building 8" from Uncharted (Self Released) 00:00Mareike Wiening "Metropolis Paradise" from Live at Bird's Eye Basel (Greenleaf) 08:19Out to Dinner "Random" from Play On (Positone) 19:31Sarah Jerrom "Snowblind" from Dream Logic (Three Pines Records) 24:32TuneTown "Billyish" from Entering Utopia (Three Pines Records) 32:21Jazz Station Big Band & Gregoire Maret "The Jazz Studio" from Live … Continue reading World of Jazz 431