Aural Delights on the Overflow 49

Dominic Carlton Jones "The Dance of the Night" from The Red String of Fate/The Dance of the Night 00:00PJ Harvey "Black Hearted Love" from A Woman A Man Walked By 03:42Harvey Mandel "What The Funk" from Shangrenade 08:24The Fall "How I Wrote Elastic Man" from Palace of Swords Reversed 12:06Madisyn Whajne "Killing Desire" from Save … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 49

Aural Delights 424

Dominic Carlton Jones "The Red String of Fate" from The Red String of Fate/The Dance of the Night Dave Graney & Clare Moore with Stu Thomas "Vengeance Is on It's Way (Don't Worry)" from Keepin' It UnrealPool Holograph "Deliverance" from Love Touched Time and Time Began to SweatThe Fall "Gross Chapel : GB Grenadiers (Peel … Continue reading Aural Delights 424

Save Our Hearts

Canadian First Nations songstress Madisyn Whajne releases debut album 'Save Our Hearts' Essentially straight driving guitars and semi-gritty pop/power/punk rhythm attack, topped off with vocals radiating a sunny surfer pop vibe - mines a history of pop chord sequences to deliver a cross between Buzzcocks and Runaways. Whajne is pronounced Wayne. Released 11 December 2020 … Continue reading Save Our Hearts