Aural Delights 446

Hour One Hour Two L'Obtuce "Batten Down The Hatches" Single (2021)The Speed of Sound "Replicant" Single (2021)Shun "Once Again" from Shun (2021)The Moodists "Do the door, friend" from Two Fisted Art (2007)The Pretty Things "The Same Sun" from Live at the BBC (2021)m.t. scott "In Tongues" from In Tongues (2021)Ivan Macleod "Waiting For The Hard … Continue reading Aural Delights 446

Aural Delights 431

Horsemeat "Jibber Jabber" Single (2021)m.t. scott "Part 1 Introduction" from The Voices (2021)Dave Graney & Clare Moore with Stu Thomas "Who of Us Two?" from Keepin' It Unreal (2006)Matt Heckler "Blood, Water, Coal" from Blood, Water, Coal (2021)Moff Skellington "The Species of the Flood Plain" from Embers From The Rapid Eye (2010/2021)Prince Apache "Planetary Loves" … Continue reading Aural Delights 431

Aural Delights 415

Steve Wynn - Sweetness and LightWoolcraft - Rakkaudella KuuSchnellertollermeier - 209 AphelionRomasa - Insufferable Cave Of Rotting AspirationFuzz - ReturningDave Graney & the MistLY - Blues Negativem.t. scott - Alfred and the SwanFaux Machismo - For DazeKruder & Dorfmeister - Swallowed The MoonWoolcraft - The Pixels and DotsMagik Markers - Surf's UpMoff Skellington - Christmas … Continue reading Aural Delights 415