World of Jazz 470

On this show we travel around the world to hear some of the latest jazz records from the USA Europe, Russia, South America, and Israel. Ground-breaking new releases push the boundaries of the music creating a variety of fresh and in some cases unexpected sounds. Mareike Wiening "Seesaw March" from Future Memories (Greenleaf) 00:00Agustín … Continue reading World of Jazz 470

World of Jazz 410

Tim Berne's Snakeoil "Perception" from The Deceptive 4 (Intakt) 00:00VWCR "Tons" from Moulin Vert Improvisations (Catalytic Sound) 19:49Mark Helias, Tim Berne "Throw Me A Bone" from Blood From A Stone (Self Released) 26:34Doxas Brothers "A Word From The Wise" from The Circle (Justin Time Records) 36:05Tim Berne's Snakeoil "OCDC" from The Deceptive 4 (Intakt) 42:23Mark … Continue reading World of Jazz 410