World of Jazz 437

Alexa Tarantino "Rootless Ruthlessness" from Firefly (Positone) 00:00 Banausoi "Aeneas Tacticus" from Imagines (circum-disc) 07:46Dom Minasi "Sucker's Paradise" from Eight Hands One Mind (Unseen Rain) 17:22L'abime "L'abime" from L'abime (Multiple Chord Music) 23:01Rachel Musson "Slimpets" from Dreamsing (577 Records) Ayumi Ashito "Night Chant" from Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen Vol. 1 (577 Records) 34:42Alexa Tarantino … Continue reading World of Jazz 437

Aural Delights 440

Longsight "In The Night Garden" Single (2021)The Antikaroshi "Constitution Shall Not" from Extract.Transform.Debase (2021)The Legendary Pink Dots "Oasis Marmalade / A Love Sublime" from Chemical Playschool Volumes 21 & 22 (2021)The Parasite with Moff Skellington "Stained White" from Stained White (2021)Dave Graney "You Wanna Be There but You Don't Wanna Travel (90 Demo)" from Once … Continue reading Aural Delights 440

Aural Delights on the Overflow 64

Arda & The Stolen Moon "Emotional Hacking" from Outsider in Perpetual Motion (2021)Spacehopper "Milk Metal" from Milkmetal : Sonic Switchblade (2021)Clamm "Liar" from Beseech Me (2020)There Were Wires "Walking" from Somnambulists (2021)Lara Taubman "Hookup" from Revelation (2020)Duncan Reid and the Big Heads "Kelly's Gone Insane" from Live at Akkurat (2021)The Wylde Tryfles "Gonna Miss Me" … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 64