World of Jazz 426

Joe Chambers "Samba De Maracatu" from Samba De Maracatu (Blue Note) 00:00Francesca Remigi Archipélagos "The Shooting" from Il Labirinto Dei Topi (Emme Produzioni Musical) 06:01Diego Rivera "Marabi" from Indigenous (Posi-tone) 14:56Lisa Hilton "More Than Another Day" from More Than Another Day (Ruby Slipper Productions) 19:47Nacho Szulga "Uno" from Entramados Homeostáticos (ears&eyes) 24:53Shai Maestro, Jorge Roeder, … Continue reading World of Jazz 426

Samba de Maracatu

On February 26, the venerated multi-instrumentalist and composer Joe Chambers releases Samba de Maracatu, a notable Blue Note Records return for a significant figure in the label’s history. The album is a nine-song set of original compositions, standards, and pieces by Wayne Shorter, Bobby Hutcherson, and Horace Silver. In the mid-to-late 1960s, Chambers played drums … Continue reading Samba de Maracatu