World of Jazz 425

Chris Alford & Justin Peake "Mullerian Mimicry" from Turning On Our Own Time (Mystic Form Records) 00:00Gus Garside and Hervé Perez "The Lover" from The Unexpected Visitor (Orbit 577) 04:07Olie Brice, Binker Golding, Henry Kaiser, N.O. Moore, Eddie Prévost "Door 1 (edit) " from The Secret Handshake With Danger Volume One (577 Records) 12:24Martin Huba … Continue reading World of Jazz 425

The Unexpected Visitor

Meeting for the first time as an acoustic duo in their collaborative album, The Unexpected Visitor, UK-based musicians Gus Garside and Hervé Perez explore the musical interpretations of a 13th Century Poem, “The Guest House” by Rumi. The album captures a series of improvisations played between March and May 2020, before and during the official UK lockdowns, some … Continue reading The Unexpected Visitor