World of Jazz 445

Joel Frahm Trio "Blow Poppa Joe" from The Bright Side (Anzic Records) 00:00Luciana Morelli "Viaje" from Lo abismal, el agua (ears&eyes) 05:28Noa Fort "The Stories We Tell" from Everyday Actions (ears&eyes) 09:19Peace Flag Ensemble "Human Pyramid" from Noteland (We Are Busy Bodies) 13:52 Colin Hinton/Stephen Gauci "#4" from Colin Hinton/Stephen Gauci Pandemic Duets (gaucimusic) 18:12Daniel … Continue reading World of Jazz 445

Aural Delights on the Overflow 73

1919 - Singing To The Universe - Single (2021)Filed Fangs - Conduit- Single (2021)Dominic Carlton Jones - Lockdown Machine - Tales From The Lockdown Basement (2021)Sarah McQuaid - The Sun Goes On Rising - Single (2021)Scientists - The Science of Suave - Negativity (2021)St Lucifer - The Witching Hour - Deathcrush Palare (2021)Odd Circus - … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 73

World of Jazz 405

Ray Russell "Six In Six Out" from Fluid Architecture (Cuneiform) 00:00QMRPlus "Blasmatic" from Live! (ears&eyes) 06:21Michael Sarian "Mountains" from New Aurora (ears&eyes) 10:06Gregg Belisle Chi "Tragedy" from ensō (ears&eyes) 15:37Bonjintan "Dental Kafka" from Dental Kafka (Trost Records) 23:50Blake, Irabagon, Laubrock "Jorogumo" from The Cat of Sadness (Carrier Records) 41:08Ray Russell "The Conversation" from Fluid Architecture … Continue reading World of Jazz 405