Aural Delights on the Overflow 69

End You "SLPWLKR" from Aimless Dread (2021)Firefriend "Dead Icons" from Dead Icons (2021)Robots of the Ancient World "Agua Caliente" from Mystic Goddess (2021)Kahoutek "Cosmic Grease" from Jurad (2021)Molosser "Solid Gold" from Appear (2021)Crosby. Stills, Nash and Young "Helpless" from Deju Vu 50th Anniversary Edition (2021)Moff Skellington and the Raildogs "I Stitch Together Tiny Birds" from … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 69

Aural Delights 444

Hour One Hour Two Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys "Braille" from Transit Tapes (2021)Molosser "Water My Way" from Appear (2021)Dave Graney "So Easy" from Knock Yourself Out (2009)End You "Orb Weaver" from Aimless Dread (2021)Gridfailure Featuring Mac Gollehon "Evisceration Guest List" from Dismemberment Cabaret (2021)Moff Skellington and the Rail Dogs "The Main Road Threatening … Continue reading Aural Delights 444

Aimless Dread

Pax Aeternum presents the debut album from Philadelphia hardcore/noise rock solo outfit, END YOU, titled Aimless Dread. It's not uncommon for punks approaching the golden years of their later thirties to undertake a solo project. They might want to indulge their sensitive singer-songwriter side, they might have gotten really into DJing house music, or they … Continue reading Aimless Dread