World of Jazz 422

Cyclone Trio "Trinosophile" from The Clear Revolution (577 Records) 00:00Massimo Magee, Joshua Weitzel & Tim Green "Interflug Exotica" from Live at Salon Villa Plagwitz (Orbit577) 11:28Tony Irving & Massimo Magee "Well of Souls" from Vitriol and the Third Oraculum (577 Records) 42:54Cyclone Trio "Vortex" from Vortex (Self Released) 1:00:36Massimo Magee "The Bout (Excerpt)" from Live … Continue reading World of Jazz 422

The Clear Revolution

The Clear Revolution,’ the latest release from the Cyclone Trio, is inspired by musical geometry, the symbolism of each shape ascribed to one of three tracks: the Circle representing a feeling of bottomless exploration, the triangular Trinsophile as a lover of threefold wisdom, and the unfinished square pointing to the four Cardinal directions. Despite the … Continue reading The Clear Revolution

World of Jazz 413

Marco Rottoli Trio "Acacia" from New Years Eve (AMP Music and Records) 00:00Marcus Klossek Electric Trio "Like 4 Minutes Ago" from Time Was Now (DoubleMoon/Challenge Records) 07:03Mary Halvorson's Code Girl "Walls and Roses" from Artlessly Falling (Cuneiform Records) 10:42Björn Ingelstam "Ancestral Calling" from The Start of Something (Fiol Sessions) 14:43Emi Makabe "Joy" from Anniversary (Greenleaf) … Continue reading World of Jazz 413

World of Jazz 402

Ivo Perelman & Arcado String Trio "Resonance 2" from Deep Resonance (Fundacja Sluchaj) 00:00Quintopus "The Adjacent Possible" from The Adjacent Possible (ears&eyes) 10:10Hakan Başar "On Top Of The Roof" from On Top Of The Roof (Ubuntu) 15:09Neil Swainson Quintet, Joe Henderson & Woody Shaw "49th Parallel" from 49th Parallel (Real to Reel) 19:56Dom Angelo Mongiovi … Continue reading World of Jazz 402