Aural Delights on the Overflow 20

Faded Shades - She Left YesterdayVictorian Tin - Chagall2 Lost Souls - Don't You Call It LovePower Trip - Suffer No Fool The Cool Greenhouse - The StickJohann Kloos - OrganzaSpace Museum - Apostrophe ClotElm - KingsnakeCrooked Heart - Perpetual TwilightLizard Brain - Featureless ZoneScenius - Darkest LinesSpace Museum - Different Pages 1 - Trio … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 20

Aural Delights 395

2 Lost Souls - Don't You Call It LoveCrooked Heart - Stupid PrizesDominic Carlton Jones - German BombersThe Red Propellers - Lucky SevenThe Right Side of Reason - Blue Sky (Grey Sky Remix)Elm - KingsnakePeter Hammill - In the EndCrooked Heart - The ConnectionsThe Red Propellers - Trance EndDave Graney, Clare Moore, Robin Casinader - … Continue reading Aural Delights 395

Perpetual Twilight

Alternative/Post-Hardcore from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their second album. A tasty collection of fierce and unforgiving tunes with some very clever changes and variations to what can be a familiar genre/sub genre. No familarity here, as the trio's refreshing approach to this style of music is both powerful and thought provoking. The promo says "Reflecting on … Continue reading Perpetual Twilight