Aural Delights on the Overflow 89 Lost Tuesday Society - LightsNew Age Steppers - Observe LifeCalming River - DoverThe Hill Country Rebel - Somewhere Safe And Always QuietThe Screaming Love Collective - History Is Her StoryBouquet of Dead Crows - Idle ThoughtsRichard Carlson Band - Langham's LiesDanny Short - Self IsolateNolan Potter - One Eye Flees AquapolisWednesday's Child - Begin … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 89

Aural Delights 464 Bouquet of Dead Crows - One More SunriseSarah McQuaid - If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get DangerousThe Hill Country Devil - Restaurant RatDave Graney and Clare Moore - Let's Kill God AgainDanny Short - Self IsolateRichard Carlson Band - Langhams LiesThe Hill Country Devil - Kerr County Dopesick Blues Bouquet of Dead … Continue reading Aural Delights 464

Aural Delights on the Overflow 83 The Battery Farm - Roy Keane Isn't RealTropical Fuck Storm - The Greatest Story Ever ToldBouquet of Dead Crows - Standing On The PrecipiceWolves in the Throne Room - EostreDeafheaven - Great Mass of Color Bob Andy - Ghetto Stays In The MindKim Salmon - Self ReplicatorShannon & The Clams - Do I Wanna … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 83

Aural Delights 458 Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher - Look Behind You Look AgainKim Salmon - Let's All Get DestroyedThe Moodists - Other ManBrian Eaton - Trans Neptunian DustBob Andy - Lots Of Love And IBouquet of Dead Crows - Standing On The PrecipiceCiccada - Eniania (Keepers of the Midnight Harvest)Deafheaven - MombasaHarry Stafford and Marco Butcher … Continue reading Aural Delights 458

Aural Delights 391

Four Candles - I, IndividualMark Stewart & Maffia - JerusalemLindisfarne - Bring Down The GovernmentThe Fall - JerusalemDave Graney & Clare Moore - A Taste of the AbyssDavid McClymont & Peter Loveday - And We RiseAtom - Bad For My Health6th Crowd - Самозванцы (Instrumental)The New Fools - Old BonesPeter Hammill - Opheliaradiant. - [i]Bouquet … Continue reading Aural Delights 391

Aural Delights On The Overflow 15

Bysts - RunesFour Candles - I IndividualMesmer Disciples - Chosen ChildThe Junta - Tech Noir (Radio Edit)The Parasite - The Lazarus DanceBouquet of Dead Crows - Hemispheres (Radio Edit)Four Candles - AcceptanceLost Tuesday Society - Devil In A B & BVictor DeLorenzo - TranceophoneLos Mundos - Pechos FueraDining With Dogs - Oddly Shaped SkullAncient River … Continue reading Aural Delights On The Overflow 15

Aural Delights Show 390

Inferior Complex-EpicBouquet of Dead Crows-Cagedradiant.-[u]Ancient River-King FreakDire Wolves-Let The Dog See The RabbitRobert Sharp-You Don't Sleep Well6th Crowd-The Day Is OverDave Graney & Clare Moore-Everybody's Gone (From Somewhere)Kammahav-BonesKánaán-Double Sun Pt.1Los Mundos-BisonarThe Lighthouse Keepers-Demolition TeamPeter Hammill-After The ShowBlackout JA & Liondub-Rize AgainBlackQueen-InfinitesimalBlokeacola-Sky HighBouquet of Dead Crows-HemispheresDeniz Tek-Eddie Would GoDave Graney & Clare Moore-The Long Train of … Continue reading Aural Delights Show 390