Aural Delights on the Overflow 42

The Stress of Leisure "Your Type of Music" from Faux WaveAnton Barbeau "Manbird" from ManbirdHey Colossus "The Eyeball Dance" from Dances/CursesMonkeys In Love "Gin In A Can" from Death JeansMulatu Astatke and Black Jesus Experience "Blue Light" from To Know Without KnowingMustard Gas and Roses "Shadows" from We Are OnePolyphozia "Question" from Suitcase of VoicesThe … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 42

Aural Delights 417

Matthew Hopkins "Girl" from GirlThe Stress of Leisure "Non-Expertise is Killing Me" from Faux WaveDave Graney and the MistLY "We Need A Champion" from You've Been in My Mind (2015 Expanded Edition)Mustard Gas and Roses "Cop Shoot Cop" from We Are OneHey Colossus "The Eyeball Dance" from Dances/CursesAnton Barbeau "Manbird" from ManbirdPylon "No Clocks (Remastered)" … Continue reading Aural Delights 417

Aural Delights on the Overflow 28

Sugar "Helpless" from Copper BlueMoff Skellington "A Stroll Through the Galaxy at Twilight" from A Slapstick LifeStu Thomas Paradox "Rebuild My Head" from Counting To InfinityAdventures of Salvador "I Wrote A Pop Song" from Pop Song EPGolden Plates "Oxytocin" singleVictorian Tin "Above our heads" singleVintage Crop "Gridlock" from Serve to Serve AgainKammahav "MLIRIR" from RepeatGreen … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 28

Aural Delights 403

Adventures of Salvador "Ping Pong Head" from Ping Pong Head EPMoff Skellington "Sponsor Me Missus" from A Slapstick LifeSugar "A Good Idea" from Copper BlueVictorian Tin "Above our heads" singleVintage Crop "The North" from Serve to Serve AgainStu Thomas Paradox "The New Grind" from Counting to InfinityGrant McLennan "Simone & Perry" from Horsebreaker StarRobert Forster"Baby … Continue reading Aural Delights 403

Aural Delights Show 390

Inferior Complex-EpicBouquet of Dead Crows-Cagedradiant.-[u]Ancient River-King FreakDire Wolves-Let The Dog See The RabbitRobert Sharp-You Don't Sleep Well6th Crowd-The Day Is OverDave Graney & Clare Moore-Everybody's Gone (From Somewhere)Kammahav-BonesKánaán-Double Sun Pt.1Los Mundos-BisonarThe Lighthouse Keepers-Demolition TeamPeter Hammill-After The ShowBlackout JA & Liondub-Rize AgainBlackQueen-InfinitesimalBlokeacola-Sky HighBouquet of Dead Crows-HemispheresDeniz Tek-Eddie Would GoDave Graney & Clare Moore-The Long Train of … Continue reading Aural Delights Show 390