World of Jazz 469

On this weeks show all new releases from Matías Formica, Nori Tani, Carn Davidson 9, Ayumi Tanaka, GNP and Edward Simon plus Posi-tone records with their tribute to Wayne Shorter. Matías Formica Trios "Inexorable" from Hastio y Paranoia (Numeral) 00:00Nori Tani "Portrait in Black & White" from Tomodacho (Friends) (Robin/Tani Media Factory) 05:34Tom Severino … Continue reading World of Jazz 469

Aural Delights on the Overflow 70

Elli De Mon "Prove It On Me Blues" from Countin' the Blues (2021)The Moodists "Chevrolet Rise" from Two Fisted Art 1980-1986 (2007)Horace Andy "Money (Dreadzone Version)" from Broken Beats (2021)Fly Pan Am "Fences" from Frontera (2021)Eleventh Dream Day "Cracks In My Smile" from Since Grazed (2021)Zion Train "Steve Biko Dub" from Star of Hope (2021)Physical … Continue reading Aural Delights on the Overflow 70